The easiest way is a Changelly / ShapeShift with a credit card. Expect to pay about 8%. Expect to have your cryptocurrencies as soon as possible to get them right now.
You can try Coinbase for 3.99% with a credit card. You can also try Coinbase for 1.49% with pure bank transfers. Coinbase is basically a bank and their verification processes are a waste, just like any other trade. I hate these mammals but anything floats on your boat.
Local Bitcoins offer a variety of payment methods. You can pay via SEPA, Paypal, Western Union, credit card, SWIFT etc. It is 100% secure with minimal verification procedures. My advice is to go down this route and see if you can find a good deal with your preferred payment method.

Buy as much Bitcoin as you can, NOW, because prices are cheaper. Next take your BTC to the Exodus wallet to download. You can then exchange your BTC with other cryptos if you wish with this client. Easy to use multi-coin desktop is. Paypal is a secure platform for saving your money, but it does not seem to agree with crypto exchanges. Today each coin has its own digital wallet.
For me, cryptocurrency is the most potential market. However it is a low risk if you do not know how to plant. Cryptocurrency is a good investment if you want to get direct exposure to the need for digital currency.
i think knowledge is the basis for everyone to start earning money. Investing in cryptocurrency is a good decision, but it is low risk and can cost you everything. If you want to successfully invest a coin and earn the right amount of money, I recommend this new project I just got. in Luminos Minning Protocol and Lumi tokens.They are pre-sold exclusively on Sept.

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