How to get portrait pictures background black and white on realme x2 Pro?

HI I am kunal verma and i am giving you the pro tips for real me x2 pro so from now we’re going to go ahead and test out the full cameras on the back as well as the selfie cam speaking about specs we have a main 64 megapixel cam is a Samsung GW one sensor with an aperture of f-18s can be bind down to 16 megapixels for a more detailed shot we have an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera with 115 degree field of view a telephoto lens which is packed with 13 megapixels and 2 times optical and five times hybrid zoom a depth sensor with 2 megapixels and a selfie camera which is 16 megapixels this all seems great on paper I cannot wait to show you guys the samples that I have taken recently guys this is Technic and let’s dive straight into the real me x2 Pro in depth camera review so as you guys have requested I’m going to start with ultra wide and then go into the main 64 megapixel camera then into the 16 megapixel bin pic and then 2 times optical telephoto and five times hybrid using the telephoto lens as well ultra wide looks really good and then hundred and 15 a field of view is not the widest but things look really good as opposed to other ultra lights the telephoto looks pretty good and the 64 mega pixel looks really great such as in this scene but I think that the colors pop a little bit more with the bin shot of 16 megapixels 2 times optical looks great though things are a little bit fuzzy when it comes to 5 times hybrid we do have 10 times digital and 20 times digital max zoom but we’ll get to that a little bit later on for now we’re gonna stick to the main cameras that we actually have on the back of the phone as you guys can see ultra wide over here going into that 64 mega pixel then the 16 megapixel bin looks a lot better 2 times optical looks really brilliant if you ask me five times hybrid is a nice option to have third is not the most detailed hybrid shot that I have seen on a phone before nevertheless this is a $400 phone and it is competing with other beasts out there and their new Shamim ECC 9 pro with a hundred and eight megapixel lens will soon be going up on my channel against this beast to see how different the 64 mega pixel 108 megapixel and 48 megapixel on the one plus 7t. Actually stand up against each other to see if megapixels actually do matter and if you ask me the reason why there have been shots is because megapixels Matt it’s about the detail that matter and talking about detail the sixty-four megapixels shot looks really good actually so similar to the bin shots the bin looks like the color pops a little bit more but I do think that the sixty four megapixel snap-on yeah looks even be better than the vivo next 3-5 g that I recently took which has the exact same camera two times optical looks pretty good this is outside my apartment block window over here ten times digital and twenty times digital don’t look too good but at least we have quite a far reach when it comes to zooming in as you guys can see the bin shot looks really great here two times optical looks really good no loss in detail there I do think that the fire five times Hybrid loses a lot of detail but not quite as much as the 20 times digital though at least we can still see text. sometimes the sixty-four megapixel main camera is a bit fuzzy though so you have to be really gentle with it when you are holding it because there is a lack of optical image stabilization here going into that twenty times we lose that stabilization so things do naturally become a bit fuzzy and when taking a picture of me Over here things look pretty good even in ultra wide the bin looks the best if you ask me the portrait looks absolutely phenomenal with no edge detection whats ever and the same can be said of taking portrait shots with an object such as my scooter over here it does an absolute superb job here is another little statue over here using portrait which we’ll get to now in a second and as I say guys it looks really really good and really natural here is another picture over here of more statues and I do think that things look really great when it comes to their portrait effect as you can see with the boy and the dog there now I do think that the 16 megapixel bin shot looks a lot better when taking a picture of a flower up close and using the portrait effect it doesn’t look the best when taking a picture of a flower but better than a lot of the others macro mode looks absolutely awesome so we’re showing the normal one and then macro and now we’re going into indoor pix over here so we have night mode or over here and night mode on on the 16 megapixel burned we cannot use night mode with 64 megapixel camera and when we go onto two times or five times when we shoot on two night mode it actually uses the main camera instead of the telephoto camera so we actually get a loss of detail when using night mode when going into two times or five times as you guys can see over here we’re losing the detail with five times going into night mode and things are a little bit brighter but we lose a lot of the details since we are not using the actual telephoto lens now moving on to night pictures over here do you think that it’s quite the opposite though it is pretty similar with the fact that we do not get to use the telephoto lens when zooming in the things look a lot brighter using the normal 16 megapixel bin shot and we can use ultra wide at night – meaning that we can actually turn ultra white night mode on when taking an ultra wide picture and things look really good I must say it looks a little bit better they’re not streaks better than the original photo taken that being said I think that the main lens taking the photo with night mode off looks really good and I think that having night mode on actually just kind of rounds the shot off and takes away a lot of the fuzziness and makes things look a lot more clear I actually look more for that in a camera using night mode than brightening up the shot. because I think it is more about capturing the detail than the actual light and as you guys can see over here with this shot you can see exactly what I’m talking about now that same picture that I took outside during the day earlier I’m taking the same picture at night and things don’t look too good with night mode off or on and sometimes when zooming in you guys can see that we use a lot of the detail when we turn night mode on as you can see that fuzziness is absolutely terrible but things were really dark there now moving on to night mode off to on over here taking a picture of the signboard on the streets things look a little bit better but once again a little bit fuzzy so we get the details but we get a little bit of fuzziness when turning night mode on as you guys can see over there we actually lose a little bit of the detail in the text now ultra-wide with my mode or fan on shooting over the lights gives it this really awesome effect over there though I don’t think it is the best effect I’ve seen using a night mode shot but it looks a hell of a lot better than when night mode is fourth though sometimes taking a picture of a light at night with five timers makes it go a bit of a different color now moving on to video over here we do have 4k 60 frames per second and this is shot at raw because this is a 4k video things are actually really stable because there is absolutely no stabilization I am impressed there is no oh is over here and things are very very stable guys I must say 4k looks really good but when you get a little bit of too much sunlight and it kind of ruins the video footage moving on to full HD 60fps much can be the same but this is upscale since this is a 4k clip so this is a 1080p video up scale to 4k and things look really good though I must say that we haven’t lost a lot of the detail though the stabilization seems to be pretty similar to that 4k shots and once again the light coming in from the god rays from the Sun do kind of ruin the video quality just a tad now when we come into ultra wide things aren’t as stable anymore that E is the electronic image stabilization is pretty much gone and the 30 frames a second is what we are cap to when filming ultra wide over here so we cannot use 4k 60 or full HD 60 at an ultra wide method so we are kept to 30 other things look pretty good and the wide feature looks 2d sense I must say better than other ultralights that I’ve seen and when we do go into one times using 30 things look just as clear as Full HD 60 telephoto we can actually jump into two times and 5 times hybrid on 4k full HD 60 or 30 FPS which is really great now this is 4k riding on the scooter and now full HD riding on the scooter and as I was mentioning earlier guys the sun-god rays actually ruined the shot and going back against the Sun over here with the Sun behind us you don’t see that lens flare which is really good to see so make sure you keep the Sun behind you we also have slow motion at HD which is 720p at 960 FPS which the quality does not look that great but the slo-mo is pretty good and we also have an option of 480 fps but also capture 720p this would have been nice to be in full HD but the one that we do have our full HD is fortunately and unfortunately 240 FPS third is not that slow the quality looks a hell of a lot better than the previous two though it is not that slow as I mentioned before it still looks just great now we’re going to move on to video footage at night and 4k 60fps doesn’t look too bad though I do think that lights kind of affect the lenses quite a bit e specially when recording at night as you guys can see things are quite a bit blown up the same can be said with Full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second at least things are smooth here but I cannot say that this is the best footage that I have seen when taking video during the evening when it comes to ultra wide it is absolute garbage taking a video at night I don’t recommend that you guys take ultra wide videos at night if you do plan on picking up this phone when it releases in your country it looks really really shoddy when it comes to the selfie camera we have a 16 megapixel camera and I must say that the portraits don’t look perfect you can see a bit of edge detection there and it blows things out a bit too much in the background though you can adjust doesn’t look terrible and I think that it picks up a lot of detail on my face especially with my facial hair and things look really good and really sharp e specially when taking pictures with two people it keeps portrait mode looking nice and sharp at night things don’t look too good and we do have option for portrait mode as well but there is no night mode and let’s jump into video what’s up guys this is technique s hooting a front-facing video on the real me x2 pro this is capped at 30 frames per second and also limited to just 1080p let me know what you guys think of the quality as well as the mic quality – Cheers so let me know what you guys have thought about that footage during the day of full HD 30fps using the selfie cam and the evening footage over here as well as the mic test thank you for reading this blog written by kunal verma 500EXPOSURE.COM 

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