What Is Processor ? INTEL Vs AMD Processor Which One Is Better ?

what is processor ?

What Is Processor ? INTEL Vs AMD Processor Which One is best ?
what is processor ?
A processor is an interconnect electronic wire circuit that performs the calculate that run a computer. many company making is making many types of processor ex. company like INTEL, AMD,apple ,etc . A processor performs with his output and input which is given by them and logic and other basic instructions that are passed from an operating system (OS). Most other processes are dependent on the operations of a and their performance and amking most of the processor.AS YOU KNOW
which processor is good INTEL or AMD ?
Intel stands for “Integrated Circuit”. Intel is a American multinational company. It is one of expensive processors.
If we talk on a scale of 1-10, Intel processors comes at a scale of 4-10. Going down price, one cannot get good performance of Intel processors. Intel’s wattage is almost 50%, so power consumption is less by these processors.if INTEL works on the 7 nano meters technology which is very old for the generation of the year 2021. If you would like a laptop with good battery life, then Intel processors should be preferred. If you would like to shop for high-end laptops or desktops, One should prefer Intel based processors because performance during this segment is much better than AMD. If we mention Desktop, and you would like to vary processor, motherboard or socket’s compatibility, then Intel has many options available for that as compared to AMD processor. but AMD is very far from the INTEL because in the gaming section of the world.
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  1. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) :
    AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices. It is an American semiconductor company based which is in USA . On a scale of 1-10, AMD processors comes at 2-7. It is cheaper than Intel Processors sometimes good in the market as well in the new world of gaming . If you’re taking a minimum budget laptop or PC, then preferring AMD processors may be a good idea as compare to Intel processors. These processors consume more power as compared to Intel processors. AMD also runs hotter while using. If you want a good performance and good compatibility, then AMD processor is not preferable.but in personal computer built or heavy gaming AMD is much better the any other processor in the market .

which processor is good INTEL or AMD ?

Intel stands for “Integrated Circuit”. Intel is a American multinational company. It is one of expensive processors.

If we talk on a scale of 1-10, Intel processors comes at a scale of 4-10. Going down price, one cannot get good performance of Intel processors. Intel’s wattage is almost 50%, so power consumption is less by these processors.if INTEL works on the 7 nano meters technology which is very old for the generation of the year 2021. If you want a laptop with good battery life, then Intel processors should be preferred. If you want to buy high-end laptops or desktops, One should prefer Intel based processors because performance in this segment is way better than AMD. If we talk about Desktop, and you want to change processor, motherboard or socket’s compatibility, then Intel has many options available for that in comparison to AMD processor. but AMD is very far from the INTEL because in the gaming section of the world.

If you are the kind of person who wants to buy the best CPU there is in terms of performance, functionality and value. Let us briefly break down some of the main differences between AMD and Intel. If you want a breakdown of the price difference between AMD Ryzen and Intel CPUs, we have it here as well.

Either way, due to the rivalry between AMD and Intel, it can be difficult to choose the best processor or graphics card for you. Each site brings out better and better components, and you could say that about the CPU, but if you are an experienced manufacturer looking for the best PC components, you will need to take a little more time to decide. The following purchaser’s guide has summed up the differences between the two CPU options and will help you understand how AMD and Intel will give you more money.

It does not help that both sides are not exactly in agreement at technical level either. In theory, yes, but it doesn’t really help that not every side is one on a purely technical level.

Fortunately, some of us are here to help clarify the differences between AMD’s Ryzen 3000 and Threadripper CPUs, including the latest AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, Ryzen 3 3100 and Intel’s latest Coffee Lake desktop processors as well as the recently dropped Ice Lake and Cascade Lake chips.

IS sony a 7 iii is the best low light camera full review

HI i am kunal verma I’m gonna show you guys how I shoot photos of myself but one of the reasons that I bought my first camera was because I wanted to get better photos of myself to post on social media you quickly realized that when you’re the one with the camera you actually end up taking photos of other people way more than you end up getting good photos of yourself so along the way I figured out a way that works for me to take more photos of me hopefully this way is helpful for you but there are a couple other ways that I’ll try to explain as I go the way that I’ve found easiest to take photos of myself will work with most modern cameras and that’s to connect your camera to an app in your cell phone like I said as long as you’ve got a fairly modern camera most of these companies are now making some kind of an app that will connect to your camera and allow you to monitor what you’re seeing and take the photo from your phone that being said most of the apps that I’ve used to try and do this are not exactly user-friendly there might be a little bit of fighting to get it connected you might lose some functionality that you normally have when you’re taking photos it’s all a bit of a game of give and take here’s what we’re gonna be shooting on today now first things first we’re gonna need a tripod and that should be pretty obvious because if you’re not holding the camera who is in this specific case I’m using my older tripod because I’m currently using my new one to film this obviously we’re gonna need the camera I’ve got the a7 three here I guess I can take this off because I am no longer vlogging with it I’ve switched over to the a 6400 for video so we’ve got the a7 3 and we’re gonna be trying out the ville trucks 85 millimeter F 1 point 8 I have tried this on my a 6500 but I haven’t tried it since I bought a full-frame camera slap this guy on the tripod and we’re ready to go so first and fore most I like to just set up my shot and make sure that I like it obviously there’s some people walking through it right now but that’s okay it’s feeling pretty good maybe we could move to the left and get this centered up a little better though that’s better so this is going to be a little bit different on every camera and the first way like I said is to connect to the phone so in the Sony cameras we’re gonna go into the menu I’m gonna go up to the top go over to the little world thing and go control with smart phone turn that on and hit connection now because I had previously been connected to this phone it automatically connected again but there will be some kind of a Wi-Fi password or QR code that you can scan or you can use the NFC I believe it’s called and scan that there will be a bunch of different ways that you can connect like I said in this case because I was previously connected it knew to reconnect so as you can see here I’ve got mirroring displays interesting how different the color is in each of them so now that I’m connected I’m gonna keep an eye on my phone and I’m gonna go st and in front so the first round is generally just me checking to make sure that once it gets focused on me that I s till like the composition and everything in this case I do think it’s looking pretty good I like that you can still see a little bit of the bridge although may be F 1.8 is a little too blurry in the background let’s try f28 and then I’m gonna have to crank up my ISO a little bit get my exposure proper let’s go hang out back in front again there’s the f18 shot and the f28 shot and generally I’m pretty happy with how that’s looking so now it would just be a matter of going out in front of the camera trying a bunch of different poses holding a camera or something to give it more interest in the shot this isn’t a particularly interesting shot inherently but I think it’s looking pretty decent and of course because we’re all on Instagram nowadays let’s flip that sideways and do a couple more one other thing to note is that I personally like to shoot portraits at at least 1/100 of a second if not 1 125 or more the reason for that is because all of the little tiny movements that your model is making are going to affect how sharp your shot is so if you’re looking to get sharper portraits make sure you’re shooting at a fast enough shutter speed I am losing my light real fast but before I get on to telling you an alternate way that you can also take photos of yourself I want to talk about today’s sponsor so you’ve taken a bunch of photos of yourself maybe you’ve made some presets you want to put them up on your website but you don’t know how to build a website you need to make a logo you got to do all sorts of stuff to get this stuff out there on the internet and you might not know how to do that this is where Fiverr comes in Fiverr empowers the creative community by connecting you with freelancers who can take care of some of those things that you might not want to or know how to do Fiverr has that talent on the website and they can connect you instantly literally you can go on there and find so much and all you have to do is click a button and you’ll have an order made there are different options for all sorts of budgets and all sorts of projects so use that link in the description to go check out my custom curated store see some of the people that I recommend some of the people that I’ve worked with in the past and if you’d like to see something else on my store make sure to hit me up thank you to for sponsoring this video now back to being vain and taking photos of our selves oh man it’s starting to get dark let’s crank this up I tried to catch Golden Hour but it just went from like bright to dark so personally I think connecting to the app even though it has its disadvantages and it can be a little bit glitchy at times is probably the easiest way for me to take photos of myself but there is an alternative that I also recommend and that’s by using an interval timer now again this might be something that’s built into your camera the newer Sony cameras all have interval timers the old ones had the where you could get an interval timer but you can also buy one to plug into your camera I will leave a link in the description and you can go find one from there so let me see if I can show you how to make that happen now again this might be different on your camera but I’ll show you it’s in the first menu on the fourth page we’re gonna go to interval shooting function I’m gonna go to interval shooting turn it on we’re gonna take one every let’s say yeah three seconds should be okay we’re gonna wait for 10 seconds to get in place the number of shots we’re gonna take is 10 now one of the catches with interval shooting is that depending on what your camera is it’s going to be different as far as how the auto focus works in this case I’ve never had good luck getting the interval shooter to auto focus in between shots so what I’m gonna have to do this time is actually set a manual focus point and just try and stick with it now especially at F 1.8 this is going to be a little difficult but what I’m gonna do is go set my backpack out where I’m gonna stand and then focus on that I’m gonna say a little prayer and go stand where I was these are super moody mostly because it’s starting to get so dark out here that you get the best photo written by kunal verma



how to become freelance photographer for beginners

Add title how to become freelance photographer for beginners HI, I AM kunal today I told you how do I get started with photography what equipment do I need how do I edit what editing system is it worth it to get this I’m going to answer all those questions right now I have made so many lists and I’m also going to be making how to start like a freelancing career in art but today we are going to do how to get into photography and where to start and how to go from there I’ll be giving you tips and tricks that I use in my photos so hopefully you will get somewhere with this but we’re going to get right into it because it’s going to take a damn long time so the first thing is what is your motive you have to ask yourself before starting anything before getting any equipment before getting any editing stuff for shooting what is your motive for wanting to start photography and this is an important one to ask yourself because if your intention for photography is to only use it for likes and retweets on Instagram and Twitter and reblogs on tumblr that is an empty motive don’t do photography for that reason because the reason you want to do photography is to sorry this sounds like so pretentious like embrace art and just like be creative and it just makes me really sad when all people do is like care about legs or just numbers like who cares have to ask yourself what the motive is and if the reason that you want to do photography is you want to do it for yourself um then we can continue now you have your mode down now we need equipment this is a huge part of photography and the biggest thing I’m gonna say is before you buy anything before you buy anything please do your research not just like the research from this video do your own research read reviews and look at example photos from all the cameras I wrote down here save money for better quality equipment instead of buying a lot of cheap stuff it’s better to have one really great lens that cost a lot of money as opposed to five mini lenses that are like really really shitty just know that photography can really get expensive depending on how much you ten intend to pursue it it can get pretty expensive just so you know I’m really only going to be talking about Canon and Nikon cameras I know that Sony has cameras and stuff but I’m particularly owned and have only owned Canon cameras so all of the Nikon lenses and cameras that I’m going to be mentioning my boyfriend recommends and he is a Nikon person and he knows a lot about nikons and a lot about cameras so trust just what I’m saying so obviously DSLRs are a big thing in the photography world and if you want to have like nice crisp sharp images and you want control over how your images are going to look you’re going to want a DSLR so there are differences between full-frame cameras and crop sensor cameras and you’re going to want to do your research on that I’m not going to go into technical detail but a few Canon DSLRs that I recommend for beginners are the t3i t4i t5i I currently have the t4 I’ve had it since it came out just really great for a beginner because it’s a lot cheaper and um if you’re also a youtuber you’re into video the t4 eyes and like the TI series it’s nice because it has video as well for a Nikon what my boyfriend recommended was D 3200 the D 3300 the D 5300 the D 5400 and the D 5500 so what you want to do when you have a camera and even before you like invest in buying camera is you want to become familiar with the settings and you’re going to want to learn your camera inside out on manual setting you’re going to want to learn how to use the shutter speed and aperture ISO white balance all those things are absolutely essential don’t shoot on auto I hate I absolutely hate when people buy fancy ass and they only use it on because what’s the point like your cameras doing everything you’re not going to get the best results you want unless you’re doing it all manual yourself I’m not going to go into details about what shutter speed is what aperture is what ISO is do your own research on that because otherwise this video would take 400 million years and if you don’t want to use your DSLR you can always use your phone if you want I know a lot of people use iPhone 6 iPhone 6 has like good camera quality but if you are going to use a phone instead of like a DSLR or fancy camera you just have to pay extra attention because it’s on your phone and there’s not like a lot you can do I don’t know like I said manual on a DSLR is like the best quality you’re going to get lenses and this is probably the most like detailed thing I would say it depends what you want to get into I personally importunate photographers so I will tell you the lenses that I use and why I use them so when you’re looking online for Canon lenses you’re going to see EF or e F – s and what that means is EF is full frame for a full frame camera and EFS is for a crop sensor and if you’re looking for Nikon lenses DX is cropped and FX is full like DX is for cropped sensor cameras and then FX is for full frame camera so you don’t want any full-frame camera lenses unless you have a full-frame camera so I only use two lenses for my camera not only because lenses are so expensive but just because it’s really all I need sorry I keep labeling this so I mainly for the first two years of my photography experience I’ve only used a 50 millimeter lens with aperture of what is it 8 1.8 and then I recently bought a pancake lens which is the 24 millimeter 2.8 and there are advantages and disadvantages of using the 50 millimeter and the 24 millimeter a pro would be that it looks extremely like cinematic and like I’m currently using a 24 millimeter it’s nice and wide and aperture gets down to 2.8 so that means the depth of field is very nice and that’s what you want for portraiture you don’t want like an f-stop of five point six I’ll get into that a really big deal with 50 millimeter 24 millimeter is that it’s a fixed focal length lens so that means you can’t zoom in and out usually when this is a problem is when you have this fixed focal length and sometimes you can’t get further back from your subject so you’re kind of stuck in the situation where you can’t zoom so you kind of just have to work with what you have but as a big tip that I’d get for you is don’t use the kit lenses that go with your camera like if you buy of camera body and lens it’s going to come with an eighteen fifty five millimeter lens and don’t use that kind of like anything it’s not good for anything I promise you that aperture only gets down to five point six and that doesn’t do anything for depth of field and if you’re trying to take portraits with it your portraits are gonna look hella boring I’m telling you right now so now on to extra things that you don’t need but I mean they’re good to have tripods are good for stabilizing you know your camera usually if you want to do like long exposures it’s especially nice if you are doing self-portraits I personally don’t have a nice tripod I have a $25.00 I bought off of Amazon and it’s like anything that holds my camera on cool hwhip and you’re gonna want memory cards I suggest 32 gigabyte or 64 gigabyte if you can I would get 64 gigabyte because photos files just get very large especially if you’re shooting raw which I’ll get into that and why you need to shoot RAW but it just takes up so much space and it’s better to have more space than to run out like mid shoe and then a camera remote I actually use my camera remote a lot because like I said the good thing about having a tripod is you can take pictures of yourself and there’s a timer setting on your camera so you can just set it and turn on the remote and you click from far away and you can do that without pressing the shutter okay so now you have all your camera equipment down but what about editing of course so for editing you’re definitely going to want external hard drive I’d say at the beginning you don’t have to have an external hard drive because I mean sometimes external hard drives can be very expensive so I’d understand if it’s late not and everyone’s budget but I think eventually you’re going to want one I have one because I keep my Lightroom catalog on it because it’s constantly growing also yeah it’s very important for cataloguing your photos and organizing them and if your collection is going to continue to grow with photos then you’re going to want some space some extra space to store it because I know my laptop only has 254 256 q bytes and that’s like not enough man so the two editing software’s that I recommend are Lightroom and Photoshop I use Lightroom pretty much all the time 90% of the time I will take it into Photoshop if I am doing like conceptual stuff and I need like to do some manipulation what’s good with Lightroom is that it organizes your files and you can tag them color code them filter them and you can create presets which is my biggest thing I am super lazy so I like to create one style first set and then make a new preset and apply it to all the images in that series and then Photoshop is more for like heavy-duty editing Spot Healing clone collaging all that good stuff there is a photography package that you can get from Adobe where you get Lightroom and Photoshop for $10 a month or you can get Creative Cloud which is a little bit more expensive but you get the Adobe suite which is like illustrator Photoshop Lightroom Premiere Pro all that stuff for $50 a month okay so you have all your equipment you have your camera you have your tripods you have your editing equipment so um what do you want to shoot well my biggest thing is just ask yourself what you are interested in is that people in nature architecture food anything that interests you take pictures of it if you’re interested in people and you can’t find anyone to model for you this is like a big thing especially because I don’t have friends model for yourself like be your own model that’s why tripods and come in handy and now I have photo tips for you because of course of iographer is going to share her photo secrets earlier I mentioned raw which is a file format and then there’s also JPEG which you’re probably more familiar with so it’s raw or JPEG I can set these settings in your camera whether you want your camera to record images as RAW files or JPEGs and you’re going to want RAW files which ultimately means that you’re going to have bigger files but the pro the big Pro is that there’s not going to be any compression in your photos so it’s going to save all of the information of that photograph at the time you captured it in that file as opposed to JPEGs that compress your file and you lose a lot of detail in memory this is also going to be kind of a me roasting myself and my past self with photography because I’m going to be showing you what not to do with photography pay attention to composition composition is absolutely probably the most important thing because editing of course I get something’s underexposed or overexposed when you take it you can always edit it but you can’t fix composition don’t crop it joints so it just makes it really awkward if you kind of crop out like at ankles or this is not angle if you crop out at risk or ankles or anything is just it’s a like a photography know now it doesn’t look good for compositions don’t do it try to avoid it I think if you do look back on your photos and you realize you’re cropped at a joint crop it in Photoshop or Lightroom to make it so like a new crop at a wrist crop it so it’s like up here and it’s like not as awkward no cramming you don’t want like a head to toe kind of shot if you’re getting like a full outfit you’re going to want to step back allow enough Headroom on the top and especially if you have this subject that is kind of has their gaze going this way you don’t want to cut it and crop it right here you want to give like enough visual space so the thing is don’t Center the horizon just allow it to have more space at the top and if you don’t know what rule of thirds is it’s just splitting your composition into a grid and making sure that your subject isn’t centered to make it more visually appealing I honestly break rule of thirds all the time Bart rules are meant to be broken so do what you want I’d say a really important thing unless you can make it work and unless you’re like a pro photographer and you can make it work in editing like post-process don’t shoot in harsh sun or have harsh shadows on your subjects face it doesn’t look pretty it just it doesn’t do anything for your subject I would shoot when it’s cloudy and when it’s cold an hour that’s when the Sun is going to be like the softest and the most forgiving in your photos and also a pro tip that I learned for my boyfriend is shooting with your white balance on cloudy and this just gives everything a more warm like kind of tint to it and it’s pretty I would say set your camera to continuous shooting just so you get multiple shots at once this is great especially if you are us trying to take pictures of something that is moving very quickly and it’s good to have multiple shots of something in case you want to go back and say like oh I like this shot more than this shot it’s better to have so many pictures than to have that enough you know also keep taking photos of something until you’re happy with the outcome don’t just like say like oh I don’t like this like forget it let’s just stop keep changing your settings change your position change your composition until you like it don’t delete any photos don’t delete any photos until you put them in your computer and you decide whether or not you want to keep them or not I’m guilty of doing this I did this in the beginning of my photo career don’t do it because sometimes they’re salvageable in Photoshop don’t do it and just the biggest tip that I have if you’re starting with photography as cheesy as it is shoot every single day like you’re not going to get better unless you continue to practice with it and continue to like mess around with things mess around with your camera you’re not going to get better until you continue to shoot that being said I do have some photo book recommendations that you should check out if you want to like learn more about this I had two books right here but I actually have two that I don’t own the first book that I’d recommend to you if you’re a beginner is read this if you want to take great photograph written by kunal verma 500EXPOSURE.COM

How to get portrait pictures background black and white on realme x2 Pro?

HI I am kunal verma and i am giving you the pro tips for real me x2 pro so from now we’re going to go ahead and test out the full cameras on the back as well as the selfie cam speaking about specs we have a main 64 megapixel cam is a Samsung GW one sensor with an aperture of f-18s can be bind down to 16 megapixels for a more detailed shot we have an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera with 115 degree field of view a telephoto lens which is packed with 13 megapixels and 2 times optical and five times hybrid zoom a depth sensor with 2 megapixels and a selfie camera which is 16 megapixels this all seems great on paper I cannot wait to show you guys the samples that I have taken recently guys this is Technic and let’s dive straight into the real me x2 Pro in depth camera review so as you guys have requested I’m going to start with ultra wide and then go into the main 64 megapixel camera then into the 16 megapixel bin pic and then 2 times optical telephoto and five times hybrid using the telephoto lens as well ultra wide looks really good and then hundred and 15 a field of view is not the widest but things look really good as opposed to other ultra lights the telephoto looks pretty good and the 64 mega pixel looks really great such as in this scene but I think that the colors pop a little bit more with the bin shot of 16 megapixels 2 times optical looks great though things are a little bit fuzzy when it comes to 5 times hybrid we do have 10 times digital and 20 times digital max zoom but we’ll get to that a little bit later on for now we’re gonna stick to the main cameras that we actually have on the back of the phone as you guys can see ultra wide over here going into that 64 mega pixel then the 16 megapixel bin looks a lot better 2 times optical looks really brilliant if you ask me five times hybrid is a nice option to have third is not the most detailed hybrid shot that I have seen on a phone before nevertheless this is a $400 phone and it is competing with other beasts out there and their new Shamim ECC 9 pro with a hundred and eight megapixel lens will soon be going up on my channel against this beast to see how different the 64 mega pixel 108 megapixel and 48 megapixel on the one plus 7t. Actually stand up against each other to see if megapixels actually do matter and if you ask me the reason why there have been shots is because megapixels Matt it’s about the detail that matter and talking about detail the sixty-four megapixels shot looks really good actually so similar to the bin shots the bin looks like the color pops a little bit more but I do think that the sixty four megapixel snap-on yeah looks even be better than the vivo next 3-5 g that I recently took which has the exact same camera two times optical looks pretty good this is outside my apartment block window over here ten times digital and twenty times digital don’t look too good but at least we have quite a far reach when it comes to zooming in as you guys can see the bin shot looks really great here two times optical looks really good no loss in detail there I do think that the fire five times Hybrid loses a lot of detail but not quite as much as the 20 times digital though at least we can still see text. sometimes the sixty-four megapixel main camera is a bit fuzzy though so you have to be really gentle with it when you are holding it because there is a lack of optical image stabilization here going into that twenty times we lose that stabilization so things do naturally become a bit fuzzy and when taking a picture of me Over here things look pretty good even in ultra wide the bin looks the best if you ask me the portrait looks absolutely phenomenal with no edge detection whats ever and the same can be said of taking portrait shots with an object such as my scooter over here it does an absolute superb job here is another little statue over here using portrait which we’ll get to now in a second and as I say guys it looks really really good and really natural here is another picture over here of more statues and I do think that things look really great when it comes to their portrait effect as you can see with the boy and the dog there now I do think that the 16 megapixel bin shot looks a lot better when taking a picture of a flower up close and using the portrait effect it doesn’t look the best when taking a picture of a flower but better than a lot of the others macro mode looks absolutely awesome so we’re showing the normal one and then macro and now we’re going into indoor pix over here so we have night mode or over here and night mode on on the 16 megapixel burned we cannot use night mode with 64 megapixel camera and when we go onto two times or five times when we shoot on two night mode it actually uses the main camera instead of the telephoto camera so we actually get a loss of detail when using night mode when going into two times or five times as you guys can see over here we’re losing the detail with five times going into night mode and things are a little bit brighter but we lose a lot of the details since we are not using the actual telephoto lens now moving on to night pictures over here do you think that it’s quite the opposite though it is pretty similar with the fact that we do not get to use the telephoto lens when zooming in the things look a lot brighter using the normal 16 megapixel bin shot and we can use ultra wide at night – meaning that we can actually turn ultra white night mode on when taking an ultra wide picture and things look really good I must say it looks a little bit better they’re not streaks better than the original photo taken that being said I think that the main lens taking the photo with night mode off looks really good and I think that having night mode on actually just kind of rounds the shot off and takes away a lot of the fuzziness and makes things look a lot more clear I actually look more for that in a camera using night mode than brightening up the shot. because I think it is more about capturing the detail than the actual light and as you guys can see over here with this shot you can see exactly what I’m talking about now that same picture that I took outside during the day earlier I’m taking the same picture at night and things don’t look too good with night mode off or on and sometimes when zooming in you guys can see that we use a lot of the detail when we turn night mode on as you can see that fuzziness is absolutely terrible but things were really dark there now moving on to night mode off to on over here taking a picture of the signboard on the streets things look a little bit better but once again a little bit fuzzy so we get the details but we get a little bit of fuzziness when turning night mode on as you guys can see over there we actually lose a little bit of the detail in the text now ultra-wide with my mode or fan on shooting over the lights gives it this really awesome effect over there though I don’t think it is the best effect I’ve seen using a night mode shot but it looks a hell of a lot better than when night mode is fourth though sometimes taking a picture of a light at night with five timers makes it go a bit of a different color now moving on to video over here we do have 4k 60 frames per second and this is shot at raw because this is a 4k video things are actually really stable because there is absolutely no stabilization I am impressed there is no oh is over here and things are very very stable guys I must say 4k looks really good but when you get a little bit of too much sunlight and it kind of ruins the video footage moving on to full HD 60fps much can be the same but this is upscale since this is a 4k clip so this is a 1080p video up scale to 4k and things look really good though I must say that we haven’t lost a lot of the detail though the stabilization seems to be pretty similar to that 4k shots and once again the light coming in from the god rays from the Sun do kind of ruin the video quality just a tad now when we come into ultra wide things aren’t as stable anymore that E is the electronic image stabilization is pretty much gone and the 30 frames a second is what we are cap to when filming ultra wide over here so we cannot use 4k 60 or full HD 60 at an ultra wide method so we are kept to 30 other things look pretty good and the wide feature looks 2d sense I must say better than other ultralights that I’ve seen and when we do go into one times using 30 things look just as clear as Full HD 60 telephoto we can actually jump into two times and 5 times hybrid on 4k full HD 60 or 30 FPS which is really great now this is 4k riding on the scooter and now full HD riding on the scooter and as I was mentioning earlier guys the sun-god rays actually ruined the shot and going back against the Sun over here with the Sun behind us you don’t see that lens flare which is really good to see so make sure you keep the Sun behind you we also have slow motion at HD which is 720p at 960 FPS which the quality does not look that great but the slo-mo is pretty good and we also have an option of 480 fps but also capture 720p this would have been nice to be in full HD but the one that we do have our full HD is fortunately and unfortunately 240 FPS third is not that slow the quality looks a hell of a lot better than the previous two though it is not that slow as I mentioned before it still looks just great now we’re going to move on to video footage at night and 4k 60fps doesn’t look too bad though I do think that lights kind of affect the lenses quite a bit e specially when recording at night as you guys can see things are quite a bit blown up the same can be said with Full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second at least things are smooth here but I cannot say that this is the best footage that I have seen when taking video during the evening when it comes to ultra wide it is absolute garbage taking a video at night I don’t recommend that you guys take ultra wide videos at night if you do plan on picking up this phone when it releases in your country it looks really really shoddy when it comes to the selfie camera we have a 16 megapixel camera and I must say that the portraits don’t look perfect you can see a bit of edge detection there and it blows things out a bit too much in the background though you can adjust doesn’t look terrible and I think that it picks up a lot of detail on my face especially with my facial hair and things look really good and really sharp e specially when taking pictures with two people it keeps portrait mode looking nice and sharp at night things don’t look too good and we do have option for portrait mode as well but there is no night mode and let’s jump into video what’s up guys this is technique s hooting a front-facing video on the real me x2 pro this is capped at 30 frames per second and also limited to just 1080p let me know what you guys think of the quality as well as the mic quality – Cheers so let me know what you guys have thought about that footage during the day of full HD 30fps using the selfie cam and the evening footage over here as well as the mic test thank you for reading this blog written by kunal verma 500EXPOSURE.COM 


silver and gold round coins

Creating NFT is actually not a complicated process. Let’s go through a few steps:

Step 1: Choose a platform where you can sell your NFT

There are a number of forums that allow you to sell NFTs in a wide variety of blockchains, so it is almost impossible to get any one guide together, let alone tell you which one is right for your project.

Step 2: Set up a wallet

Wallets are the programs you use to keep your money private, as well as any NFT you end up inventing or buying.

Step 3: Connect your wallet

After you have set up your wallet, you will want to connect it to the NFT market you plan to use.

Step 4: Create NFT

After connecting your wallet, you will get to the page you are using to create NFT (and if you do not stop there, you can get there by clicking the Create button that both platforms have placed in the upper right-hand corner).

That’s how you create NFT. I hope this helps. Oh, according to NFT and crypto, anyone who knows certain projects they can invest in?

Come up with a project to do and complete.
Make sure it is something new and helps people make money to be profitable
and if you need nft digital art [we do that with products] You create a platform artist profile. Then create an art or use one of your original artwork to upload on your artist profile also termed minting. Minting will cost you a base crypto currency amount. This creates a blockchain keeping a perfect track of art works, avoiding any stealing. You can also chose to put it up for bidding, but be sure as you will lose your complete ownership of the art once sold + the minting cost rises. Ensure you follow the platform’s community through all NFT nft possible social media points ensuring most collectors get to view your artwork. Also, check for taxation rates as that can be tough on aftersales for artists.

  • Canadian musician Grimes recently sold some of her digital art, raking in $6 million.
  • Twitter and Square founder, Jack Dorsey, recently sold an NFT representing ownership of his first ever Tweet. The one liner “just setting up my twttr” sold for $2.5 million.
  • Electronic musician 3LAU sold NFTs representing his songs and albums which earned him a whopping $11 million in just a weekend.
  • Kings of Leon also followed suit, selling NFTs linked to their upcoming album. They reportedly made $2 million and burned the unsold tokens.
  • Most famously, auction house Christies recently facilitated the sale of an artist by the name of Beeple’s piece titled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”. Every day the artist created a new digital artwork for 13 years (5,000 days) and this was a collection of them all. The piece sold for a record breaking $69.3 million (record breaking for digital art).

They are NFTs — the type you add to your profile picture. This group is part of the RandomEarth collections

, and all such collections are run on the Terra blockchain, so use LUNA to do so. They are very fast and have low grinding costs.

Now some of my crypto experts here in Quora own this and use it as their profile picture. Therefore, the LunaBulls project is doing much better than its competitors because of this ongoing support.

I have expressed my concern about the avatar NFTs for social media profiles. Working with two geniuses to present their historical NFTs, I was able to ask many young women, in their 20s, if they could change their profile picture to get a bull or a robot. And they look at me like I have lobsters coming out of my ears.

However, like the first Avatar project on the Terra blockchain, the LunaBulls may have lasting power. That’s why I wanted to focus on it. In my mind, it might move from a buzz project to one of the next two.

2 Institutional Support

Here are a selection of NFTs from Iconicmoments.co

(full disclosure: I know the author and we have a working relationship).

These NFTs from a real museum owned by photographers. These are the real things.

The first step in the month. Winning the hero of Mohammad Ali. The first trans-Atlantic flight.

Will those NFTs have a permanent value? That’s right.

Remarkably, it is not just 10,000 random images of monkeys or robots propelled by crypto influencers. They are official NFTs from official institutions.

That is what gives them lasting value. And, frankly, they are very interesting to me.

3 Unique History

Here is the Beeple NFT for sale for $ 69,000,000, entitled “The First 5000 Days.”

The first NFT ever to sell a state-of-the-art workshop (Christie’s)

, which officially marks the point where NFTs have gone overboard.

That kind of diversity in world history guarantees that this NFT will have a lasting value. In fact, $ 69,000,000 was a sale. It could cost a billion in the not too distant future.

The whole point of the NFTs is that they are built on blockchain technology, which makes their existence invariant. And in this case, you have the first immutable land.

Concluding thoughts

So, how do you use this to select the best NFT going forward?

Personally, the only NFT avatar projects I like are the ones that have the potential to turn the buzz into one of two stages. In fact, if you were to choose one of those, you would probably get 1000x refunds.

If you choose a project with institutional support or with a different history, also note that you are also betting on a blockchain project.

Beeple's "The First 5000 Days" is aired on Ethereum. If Ethereum were to die, I don't know if his NFT would have a lasting value.
Ethereum is expensive, yes, but also has a better chance of surviving for decades. You will have to pay more than what is currently worthwhile at the moment.

There are two great ways to get NFT Center and Unique History.

Go to NIFEX and buy part of one such NFT project.
Expect an NFT crash and take on these projects.

You can combine both, and buy a chart during a crash, obviously.

To get an idea of ​​what the NFT crash is, read this clip

, covering the crash in early 2021.

Go here (onnon fungible.com)

to get more market statistics.

Here is the test I am using to find out if NFT has a historical value: explain it to a friend who is not in this field. Consider the following two statements.

One of those sounds appealing to outsiders. I will be compiling a list of such NFT histories and will trade them in a bubble (like everything else I do).

But just to give you a sense of how well these are coming back, it was possible to pick up an unusual cryptopunk (historically important avatar collection) during that May crash for about $ 10,000. Now, even the cheapest is sold for $ 60,000. Medium-sized majority costs $ 100,000 = 10x in 5 months.

Happy Trading !!


Communicate your purpose and goals with a beautiful logo that encapsulates your business.

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Connecting last jigsaw puzzle piece.


Need a website? We’ve got you covered. free promotion

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silver and gold round coins

Hello everyone! I hope this will bear fruit for you, and it will be a new concept for some newcomers who want to read interesting articles. NFT is a new trending concept and will affect the financial system of the future. Maybe, If you don’t know before, use this forum to find out more about NFT.

NFT is a short form of Non-Fungible Token. In addition, it is one of the models of Cryptographic tokens. Provides digital digital assets.

Here is a brief description of NFT,

Non-Fungible Token

First of all, rare digital goods such as art / drawings or collections such as cards, etc., this is known as NFT. The term fungibility is a feature of property or properties where it has its own variable or obscure unit. You can take Fiat money as an example.

Again, you can take a player card as a good example of NFT. Because the value of one card vs another card varies in the year of production and how long they last.

Features of NFT

1) Different digitally, no two NFTs are the same.

2) Each NFT has an owner, it is very easy for anyone to verify.

3) It is useful for content creators, they can sell their work anywhere and reach the global market.

4) Users can use digital art work as collateral for extended loans.

What Is NFT Used for?

Here is information on the use cases and the views of the NFTs.

According to the report, NFT worth about $ 100M is for sale. NFT produces large dynamic and rapidly growing niches in crypto.



blur, chart, computer-1853262.jpg

The easiest way is a Changelly / ShapeShift with a credit card. Expect to pay about 8%. Expect to have your cryptocurrencies as soon as possible to get them right now.
You can try Coinbase for 3.99% with a credit card. You can also try Coinbase for 1.49% with pure bank transfers. Coinbase is basically a bank and their verification processes are a waste, just like any other trade. I hate these mammals but anything floats on your boat.
Local Bitcoins offer a variety of payment methods. You can pay via SEPA, Paypal, Western Union, credit card, SWIFT etc. It is 100% secure with minimal verification procedures. My advice is to go down this route and see if you can find a good deal with your preferred payment method.

Buy as much Bitcoin as you can, NOW, because prices are cheaper. Next take your BTC to the Exodus wallet to download. You can then exchange your BTC with other cryptos if you wish with this client. Easy to use multi-coin desktop wallet.es is. Paypal is a secure platform for saving your money, but it does not seem to agree with crypto exchanges. Today each coin has its own digital wallet.
For me, cryptocurrency is the most potential market. However it is a low risk if you do not know how to plant. Cryptocurrency is a good investment if you want to get direct exposure to the need for digital currency.
i think knowledge is the basis for everyone to start earning money. Investing in cryptocurrency is a good decision, but it is low risk and can cost you everything. If you want to successfully invest a coin and earn the right amount of money, I recommend this new project I just got. in Luminos Minning Protocol and Lumi tokens.They are pre-sold exclusively on Sept.


money, profit, finance-2696219.jpg

Let me tell you a story,

A few years ago, there was a conference in the United States on investment and finance. Bill Gates was one of the speakers, during the question and answer session, he was asked a question, “If he, the richest man in the world, could accept that his daughter marries a poor or modest man?”.

Bill gates – “First of all, you should understand that Wealth does not mean having a fat bank account. Wealth is primarily the ability to create wealth. Example: Someone who wins the lottery or gambling. Even if he wins 100 million is not a rich man: He is a poor man with a lot of money. That’s the reason why 90% of the lottery millionaires become poor again after 5 years. You also have rich people who have no money (Example: Most entrepreneurs) but are already on the road to wealth even though they have no money because they are developing their financial intelligence and that is wealth.

How are the rich and the poor different?

  • If you see a young person who decides to train, to learn new things, who tries to improve himself constantly, know that he is a rich man.
  • If you see a young person who thinks that the problem is the state, and who thinks that the rich are all thieves and who criticizes constantly, know that he is a poor man.
  • The rich are convinced that they just need information and training to take off, the poor think that others must give them money to take off.

One day, the guard of a bank found a bag full of money, he took the bag and went to give it to the bank manager. People called this man an idiot, but in reality, this man was just a rich man who had no money. One year later, the bank offered him a job as a receptionist, 3 years later he was a customer manager and 10 years later he manages the regional management of this bank, he manages hundreds of employees and his annual bonus exceeds the amount he could have stolen.

In conclusion, when I say that my daughter will not marry a poor man, I am not talking about money. I’m talking about the ability to create wealth in that man. Wealth is first of all a state of mind.


Two people sitting across from each other in an office working on a Surface laptop


blur, chart, computer-1853262.jpg


Step 1: Learn the basics of finance and accounting. Make sure you know how to read a balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Make sure you understand key financial ratios like PE, PB, etc.

Desired Outcome: You should be able to identify the financial health of a company by looking at the financial statements.

For example, you should know the year on year and quarter on quarter revenue growth of the company, year on year and quarter on quarter profit growth of the company, some important financial ratios like PE ratio, PB ratio, etc.

Time Required: Around 15–20 hours.

Step 2: Now, you need to pick an industry of your knowledge or interest. Read all the recent news about the development in the industry.

Desired Outcome: You should be able to understand the macro environment which is not within the control of the company but impact the company directly or indirectly. For example, government policies, crude oil prices, etc.

For example, if you pick banking then you should know about Bad Debt and the impact of recent RBI policies on the banking sector.

Time required: Around 15–20 hours to begin. This will be a continues process to keep yourself updated.

Step 3: Shortlist the companies from the industry of your knowledge or interest

3.a) Shortlist the top companies/ market leaders in the industry.

For example, HSBC in banking.

Time required: 5 hours

3.b) Look around and identify the product/services you love. For example, a lot of people started wearing Jockey in last 10 years. We all love it. Now, look at the company which sell Jockey. Page industries share price was around 450 in the year 2008. Today it is around 30000 in 2018. That’s around 70 times return in the last 10 years. Can you find any other company today with great future potential? Think about it…

Step 4: Open a trading account with ZERO brokerage. Why pay a brokerage on every transaction when you have the option to invest your money for free.

Time required: Few days from document verification to account opening.

Step 5: Start slow. Do not invest a lot of money together. Keep following the stock and industry and keep learning. Observe how the stock behave when the market is good and the real test is when the market is bad. Nobody can make perfect decisions. Stock market investment is not a fixed formula but it is a combination of experience with knowledge.

Things to keep in mind and mistakes to avoid

  • Always go with blue-chip companies ( top companies with a proven track record). Do not but penny stock or cheap stock. Most of the penny stocks fail.
  • Do not buy any stock based on advice from TV experts, friends, etc. Do not join those trading groups on Whatsapp and Facebook. They are all speculators and not investors. Always do your own research and buy on your research.
  • No not get greedy and never go for day trading. Always invest for long term. Always remember that you can’t double your money in a few months. You need to have PATIENCE.
  • Read good books on investing: Start with “Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market by Prasenjit Paul”. An excellent book for the Indian context.
  • Do not invest all your money in one company. Try to diversify your investments. However, do not diversify a lot.
  • Only invest in a business which you understand.




There are many different ways – most of which involve a lot of knowledge in animation. But, if you’re starting out with zero experience and just want to get a cool video out there, you have a couple of options. One, pay someone on Fiverr to do it for you. Two, find a simple animation app like Plotagon.

Fiverr is loaded with people willing to do gigs for a small price. If you hop on there and type in what you’re looking for in the search bar, you’ll see just how many people are offering this type of service.

If you’re more into the simple animation apps, Plotagon can be found on your mobile device or computer, depending on which type you’re looking to use.

Plotagon Education is available on computers and phones. Plotagon Story is available on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Plotagon Story is probably the easiest one to use and you’re given a huge variety of options to choose from when creating your characters and the scenery. It has built-in digital voices so that you don’t have to use voice over actors and can easily just type in the stuff you want each character to say. However, if you want to use voice overs, you can with the little microphone recording option

Depends on level of detail and quality you want to achieve. You can do something very simple, using online tools and pre-made characters and templates to make 2-3 minutes of animation in several hours. HOWEVER, doing real feature quality animation requires skill, talent and training very few people muster. Disney artists usually are expected to deliver no more than 2-3 SECONDS per day, and that’s involving no more than two characters, without cleanup, coloring, or backgrounds. 3D and CGI is even more complex, even if you have all the assets modelled, rigged and ready for motion, sometimes getting to the right “take” requires working with directors, supervisors and other animators so that your animation “fits” in the before / after shots.

Making an animated movie can be a long and exhausting process. Once the story is finalized, it is generally a good practice to have a “visual feel” of the story. One way of doing this is to have drawings/figures of key characters and key frames in the movie.
After having done this, models for various characters/props are created using modeling software (Maya is a good one).
After modeling, it is good practice to place the models at the required positions/locations and have a rough positioning of the cameras performed. A temporary lighting rig is used here.
After finalizing the cameras, one can begin to animate (deform the models). While animation is being carried out, minor tweaks to the camera can be done, for enhancing the look of the movie.
A lot of effort goes into putting textures on models. The textures can be made using professional texturing software like MARI. Once the texture maps/images are done, these are mapped onto the model, to apply the texture to it.
Finalizing the lighting comes next, and this also causes many changes in the textures, as maps behave differently under different lighting scenarios.
Once this is done, and the movie finally rendered; incorrectly rendered frames can be corrected using Photoshop (if the change required is small) or will have to be re-rendered.
A good practice is to regularly render key shots, to have a better understanding of the progress that has been made. For instance work-steps could be:


why mobile is not giving better quality then DSLR ?


Actually mobile and many point and shoot cameras have no mechanical shutter at all.
The shutter speed is the speed at which sensor samples the charge collected on the pixel.So this shutter speed is actually electronic equivalent of shutter on a DSLR.
So now question is that sensor is an electronic charge collection device which can be turned on/off s0 why exactly an ancient mechanical shutter is still required on DSLR?

Actually in mobile and point and shoot , Some portion on the sensor surface goes for circuit to control the charge so a portion of each pixel is not light sensitive so overall the sensitivity of sensor and quality of picture goes down.

On a DSLR we have a pair of mechanical shutters which moves from top to bottom like a slit and sampling is done for line while it is covered. This means whole pixel can be light sensitive and thus DSLR gives better results.
higher dynamic range and low noise at high ISO value is possible due to this.

Mirrorless camera’s photos and Non-Mirrorless photos are no different, it’s just the technology that drives the camera is different not the camera itself, it’s just like replacing BS4 engine with BS6, it just offers better efficiency. ‘Mirrorless’ The name itself says it all…. The camera just cuts lose the Mirror part in the Camera and uses electric shutter to snap photos. The photos produced buy 5D mark IV and EOS R are the same with just the mirror gone missing, with the absence of mirror, the weight if the camera falls enabling easy grip, the AF points increase drastically (there is difference of about 5500 AF points) this allows super easy and super quick focus, has a higher fps rate, a faster sync rate, a little bit better processor (that doesn’t matter much and just some other normal hypes that get along when something new is launched. So let’s get this straight from here, Mirrorless also belongs to the DSLR segment and it is no different from each other in terms of picture quality.

And now jumping into DSLR vs Phone camera it’s like comparing TATA nano to a Jaguar F-pace just because the parent company is the same. A phone camera can never replace a DSLR camera…. Why?? This is why,

this is the camera setup of a phone in which somewhere just below the blue circle is a small sensor that captures light makes photos. And here is the Actual DSLR camera,

And here’s its sensor,

You might be wondering what is the great deal about bigger sensor size, but sensor is the soul of a camera, bigger sensor and better optics make much better photos. And about the optics of a phone camera there’s nothing much to say because phone lens are made of cheap and small synthetic glass pieces that allows the camera to see the world, but here’s the lens of a camera,

And if we’re about to compare its quality even after this, I’ll put it in really simple comparison,

Here’s the photo i shot on iPhone 7 HDR mode,

And here’s a photo i shot on my Canon700D a pretty basic but yet a decent camera,

(This is a screenshot of the photo – because Quora wasn’t able to upload large files without compressing)

  • I tried my best to match the focal length of the iPhone

At first both seems okay,

But, BUT,

you’ll notice that there is a difference in details, the details captured by both devices drift drastically from what you call as picture quality. Here’s the maximums zoom ability of each photo on an iPhone and see it for yourself the difference in image quality and sharpness,


Both are screenshots and you can’t zoom them any further here,

So in the canon the image can still retain some details but one the phone snap the image is already breaking down,

having to crop the image to the same size brings out the real story ,

You could see the image after cropping already seems small in dimensions compared to the DSLR

iPhone 7


The pic from phone becomes merely awful painting, whereas the DSLR pic still retains some details.

That’s what a general consumer can see in an image when it gets technical You’ll understand a phone picture is just like having a TATA nano to move and not a Jaguar to race!!

So if you want to Race with TATA Nano find a similar car to race with like a Chevy beat or if you’re strong enough maybe a honda fit.

Comparing images of phone to a DSLR is simply not fare!!


how to create best setup for photography?


You must light the background separately from the subject. In order for a white background to appear white, it have the same exposure value as the subject. Say you light the subject with a light that is one foot from the subject and the background is one foot behind the subject. In that case, the background will have an exposure value that is one stop less than the subject, and will appear grey.

If you are exposing the subject at, say, f/8, you must light the background to also get f/8. If you want it to be really white, get enough light on the background to get 1/3 or more over the exposure on the subject.

Here’s a great tutorial that explains the technique far more lucidly than I ever could What set up are you using? Are you using white boards or light box/light tent or light table? In any case, as suggested by others you may need an extra light to light the background if you are using white board. Quora is not really suitable to give details about the set ups. Check some youtube videos on how to light products for product photography – there is lots of stuff.

Without spending any more money I would just manually overexpose the background a little and see if that makes a difference.

What I do is shoot against a white background. Light the background and slightly under-light (is that even a word?) the product and overexpose by one stop-ish to compensate. This works great for me on studio lit products, but can even be adapted with a bit of playing around for people and other things.

Without spending any more money I would just manually overexpose the background a little and see if that makes a difference.

how to make 100 dollar per day with click bank?


I recommend getting involved with blogging if you want to drive traffic to Clickbank offers for free.[1]

(Bonus: I will personally help you to make money from home if you can message me via messenger.)

1. Blogging is simple.

The simplest way to get your piece on the net is through blogging.

No skills are necessary… an average adult can read and type, or at least click a mouse.

It’s like having a virtual piece of paper and you just write your ideas, experiences, new products, and hope that the truth behind your articles comes out and entice your reader to also try your product.

If you have a PC and an Internet connection (who doesn’t?) then you can blog and advertise.

2. Blogging is authentic.

In this day and age where advertising saturates our lives, we question the credibility of promoters’ claims.

However, in blogs, real people share their real-life experiences, unscathed by paid advertising.

Reading blogs about first-hand product use is like talking to people about their first-hand experience.

You definitely want to buy a tried and tested product.

3. Blogging is free.

Because blogging is yet to be proven as a mainstream online advertising media, most sites see it as something to augment current marketing tools and thus offer it for free.

Any opportunity for the free website is definitely a bonus especially to businesses that are starting up.

Needless to say, paid blog pages can generate more income for your seriously growing business.

4. Blogging builds credibility.

As you get more and more into writing your experiences on a particular product or industry, your readers come to realize that they can depend on your posts for their own information needs. As such, you become an expert on it; as a consequence, more readers visit your site and more bloggers link to your blogs. As companies and professional organizations notice the growth of your readership base, they may soon get in touch with you for advertising on your blog page, or make you an affiliate, which pays for every referral generated from your blog site.

5. Blogging builds your market.

Unless you are a Hollywood star, chances are, only your Mom reads your posts.

Mom has a lot of friends, so she lets her friends know how interesting your blog site is.

But you need not depend on Mom to increase your readership base.

Look into the following ways to build your market through blogging:

Knowledge can give you a real advantage.

To make sure you’re fully informed about Blogging, keep reading:

-By using your e-mail.

Today, blogging is overcoming the e-mail’s popularity in quickly and effectively reaching and expanding a market.

In this age of speed and quick access, logging in and downloading e-mail is simply taking longer than clicking on a blog site.

Let them explore your site by using a short e-mail message as teaser to your blog site.

If your e-mail is on an entirely different subject, use your e-mail signature to give a link to the site.

-By using subscription.

An easy way to get your readers e-mail is to give them an opportunity to subscribe to your blog site.

Keep some exclusive information for your subscribers to entice readers to subscribe and give their e-mail address.

Just be responsible in using their e-mail address, as the last thing you want is a comment on your blog that you are a spammer.

-By understanding your readers.

Conduct a simple survey for your readers to understand their profile and advertising preferences.

Ask consumers to give you feedback on a post, an ad link, or a trial that you shared.

In this way, it is like interviewing your readers without the commitment and intrusion of a face-to-face interview.

-By joining a blog network

-A network of blogs maybe a collection of blog sites that share the same industry, interest, readership base, payment mode, etc.

Consumers find credibility and convenience in clicking one link to several real bloggers about a single subject.

Clearly, more bloggers are better than one.

-By using RSS. RSS is the fastest growing technology on the Internet today.

As such, having RSS feeds to your blog is definitely another means of generating awareness for your readership base.

Having a variety of feeds can add interest to your blog site.

Give your business a boost by effectively using blogging as an Internet marketing tool.

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