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Apple is known as the best user base that’s very loyal and enthusiastic about their products but there is an equally enthusiastic hatred toward Apple from other people in the tech community who have trouble understanding why anyone would choose Apple devices over their competitors and in this video I’m gonna give you the number one reason why you should be using Apple products over anything else and it’s a reason I think should be discussed a lot more often this is Greg with Apple explained and if you want to help decide which video topics I cover make sure you’re subscribed and these voting polls will show up right in your mobile Activity Feed so what is the number one reason to use Apple products could it be they’re beautiful industrial design they’re approachable user interface they’re optimized operating systems or perhaps they’re seamless user experience in my opinion those are all legitimate advantages of using Apple products but there’s one huge reason that’s rarely mentioned by news outlets or users themselves and that is privacy Apple has maintained such an uncompromising stance on privacy that it actually led to a lawsuit from the US Justice Department now we’ll talk more about that later because I want to begin by acknowledging a question most of you are probably thinking which is quite is privacy even matter after all it appears the importance of privacy is declining these days with social media sites like Facebook Twitter and Instagram people are comfortable sharing more of their data to the public than ever before in fact Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had this to say on the subject people have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information in different kinds but more openly and with more people that social norm is just something that has evolved over time and while I think that’s true I don’t think it suggests privacy is an important individuals can choose to make as much about themselves public as they want it’s how their data is used that becomes deceptive if I share my email address work location and personal interests with Facebook it’s because I want my friends on the platform to have access to that information not because I want Facebook to sell it to companies in exchange for targeted ads but it isn’t just Facebook who engages in this practice the Cambridge analytic a scandal revealed Amazon and Google also collect huge amounts of data on their users to sell to advertisers and it’s easy to understand why the business of selling user data is very lucrative it’s why Facebook has grown into a one hundred thirty eight billion dollar company without selling any hardware or premium services and as you’ve probably heard before if you’re not paying for a product you likely are the product but despite these privacy violations we continue to use services from Facebook Amazon and Google likely because the vast majority of us don’t even know these privacy violations are happening typically companies do disclose this information but it’s often buried in their terms and conditions which very few people actually read in fact your right to privacy is violated by simply browsing the web since your internet service provider and government agencies can see what websites you visit and are likely logging that information in their systems and that’s why many people myself included use a VPN when browsing the Internet VPNs act as a kind of virtual invisibility cloak that mask Internet behavior from ISPs by encrypting data and shielding your location from websites and this leads me to a question I hear a lot when arguing in support of digital privacy and that is why should I care about privacy if I have nothing to hide and the answer is privacy isn’t about hiding something because you’ve broken the law privacy is about having the right to withhold information in certain circumstances to prevent misuse and misappropriation for example most people prefer to keep personally identifiable information like their social security number address and bank information private not because they’re doing something bad but because something harmful like identity theft could be done to them if that information were public and more extreme circumstances data has been used against citizens by totalitarian governments from 1950 to 1990 East Germany had a so-called security agency that consisted of 90,000 spies and about 200,000 informants the agency kept detailed records on hundreds of thousands of their citizens and used this information to psychologically harass blackmail and discredit people who opposed the despotic regime keep in mind this was all before the internet existed that’s why today this system of mass surveillance happening in countries like the u.s. is extremely dangerous no one can predict how this information will be used by future administration’s or by foreign governments who successfully steal data from the US which has happened by the way and if you think your data is safe with corporations since they operate outside the government you would be mistaken here’s a list of 21 of the biggest corporate data breaches most of which occurred in the past ten years and affected billions of people so chances are some of your personal data is already being used by hackers to access certain accounts but this goes further than data being leaked it’s how data is used by corporations to infer things about you that haven’t been shared for example target can accurately predict when one of their shoppers are pregnant based on the items they buy this led to the company accidentally exposing a teenage shoppers pregnancy to her father by mailing coupons for baby clothes and cribs to their house now I give all these examples just to prove the ways unwanted data collection can negatively affect everyday law-abiding people like you and me it’s why privacy is so important and should be taken seriously and Apple has proven to be the only major tech company in the world that not only refuses to sell their users data to advertisers but is willing to stand up and fight for digital piracy on behalf of their users just last year Tim Cook expressed his support for Europe’s data regulations and called for a comprehensive federal privacy law in the US and this position on privacy is nothing new for Apple Steve Jobs shared the same beliefs when he was CEO we’ve always had a very different view of privacy than some of our colleagues in the valley we take privacy extremely seriously and so as an example before any app can get location data we don’t make it a rule that they have to put up a panel and ask because they might not follow that rule they call our location services and we put up the panel no privacy means people know what they’re signing up for and some people want to share more data than other people do ask them ask them every time make them tell you to stop asking them but they get tired of you asking them let them know precisely what you’re gonna do with their data so what’s clear that Apple is satisfied making money from hardware and services rather than advertising but their privacy policy is so strict that some people think it actually stunted the growth of Siri supposedly after it was introduced Siri improved rapidly and was on track to outperform competing voice assistants entering the market but after some time Apple realized Siri was sharing data with multiple third-party apps which they decided was dangerous and violated their users privacy so Apple reengineered the voice assistant and that’s when it began to lose ground to its competition now if this story is in fact true it demonstrates just how committed Apple is to protecting users privacy but perhaps an even more convincing case happen in 2016 when the FBI asked Apple to unlock an iPhone that was used by a terrorist in the San Bernardino shootings in an attempt to find more information about their contacts or affiliations but Apple declined saying the implications of the government’s demands are chilling if the government can use the all writs act to make it easier to unlock your iPhone it would have the power to reach into anyone’s device to capture their data the FBI subsequently sued Apple for non-compliance and claimed that the software would only be used to unlock one iPhone but it was later discovered that the agency had over 200 iPhones ready to be unlocked using the tool which actually proved Apple’s point when Cook said the US government has asked us for something we simply do not have and something we consider too dangerous to create they have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone now in the end the FBI supposedly found another way to unlock the device and didn’t need apples help after all and if you’re wondering why other tech companies like Microsoft or Google haven’t had similar run-ins with the FBI it’s because they’re known to have incorporated backdoors into their services for government access something Apple refuses to do in fact one of the reasons why Apple doesn’t collect identifiable user data like iMessage conversations is because if they don’t have the information themselves then they have nothing to turn over to the government and when they do collect data Apple uses techniques like differential privacy which prevents them from identifying the particular device data is coming from and by combining this anonymous data sourced from thousands of devices Apple is able to recognize patterns and behaviors that reveal how people are using their products without revealing the users themselves so while it may not be an obvious benefit of the Apple ecosystem privacy is the quality that differentiates them the most from competitors and it’s not something Apple just implements once for bragging rights and then moves to the back burner privacy is integrated and just about every feature of every product iMessage and FaceTime are fully encrypted end-to-end so only you and the person you’re talking to are hearing the conversation Apple was one of the first companies to include native OS disk encryption with file vault in Mac OS which prevents anyone from accessing that data on your Mac without the proper credentials Maps uses on device data to collect and store information like search terms and route navigation so where you’ve been and where you’re going isn’t stored on Apple’s servers and for apps that do feature advertising like the App Store Apple News and stocks access to your data is limited to behavior inside each respective app and you can even turn on limited ad tracking in your Apple devices settings to stop receiving targeted ads now I mentioned earlier that this issue of privacy isn’t discussed very often but in the past couple years it is getting more media attention since personal data from various social media sites and tech companies have been weaponized in some very serious ways and Apple seemed to have caught on to this since they’re now promoting their stance on privacy very publicly with things like ad campaigns and an updated privacy page on their website but I don’t think they’re doing this solely for good publicity I think Apple is trying to mount as much pressure as possible on companies like Facebook Amazon Microsoft and Google in order to force them to make a tough decision either end the mass collection of user data which would likely cost them billions in lost revenue or change nothing and can see that Apple is a superior company when it comes to protecting user privacy and as I mentioned before if you care about privacy then using a VPN while browsing online is a must personally I use Nord VPNs they’re not only highly recommended by outlets like PCMag but they’re one of the only VPN services that uses aes-256 encryption which is about twice as secure as the industry average ‘lord VPN also provides 24/7 live chat and email support which is perfect if you’ve never used a VPN before and may have questions they were also kind enough to give Apple explained viewer is 75% off a three-year plan which is an incredibly good deal that I highly recommend taking advantage of so if you’d like to get started with Nord VPN just click the link in the description and use the code Apple to get 75% off your three year plan and receive an extra month for free alright guys thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time from 500exposure.com

What Is Processor ? INTEL Vs AMD Processor Which One Is Better ?

what is processor ?

What Is Processor ? INTEL Vs AMD Processor Which One is best ?
what is processor ?
A processor is an interconnect electronic wire circuit that performs the calculate that run a computer. many company making is making many types of processor ex. company like INTEL, AMD,apple ,etc . A processor performs with his output and input which is given by them and logic and other basic instructions that are passed from an operating system (OS). Most other processes are dependent on the operations of a and their performance and amking most of the processor.AS YOU KNOW
which processor is good INTEL or AMD ?
Intel stands for “Integrated Circuit”. Intel is a American multinational company. It is one of expensive processors.
If we talk on a scale of 1-10, Intel processors comes at a scale of 4-10. Going down price, one cannot get good performance of Intel processors. Intel’s wattage is almost 50%, so power consumption is less by these processors.if INTEL works on the 7 nano meters technology which is very old for the generation of the year 2021. If you would like a laptop with good battery life, then Intel processors should be preferred. If you would like to shop for high-end laptops or desktops, One should prefer Intel based processors because performance during this segment is much better than AMD. If we mention Desktop, and you would like to vary processor, motherboard or socket’s compatibility, then Intel has many options available for that as compared to AMD processor. but AMD is very far from the INTEL because in the gaming section of the world.
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  1. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) :
    AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices. It is an American semiconductor company based which is in USA . On a scale of 1-10, AMD processors comes at 2-7. It is cheaper than Intel Processors sometimes good in the market as well in the new world of gaming . If you’re taking a minimum budget laptop or PC, then preferring AMD processors may be a good idea as compare to Intel processors. These processors consume more power as compared to Intel processors. AMD also runs hotter while using. If you want a good performance and good compatibility, then AMD processor is not preferable.but in personal computer built or heavy gaming AMD is much better the any other processor in the market .

which processor is good INTEL or AMD ?

Intel stands for “Integrated Circuit”. Intel is a American multinational company. It is one of expensive processors.

If we talk on a scale of 1-10, Intel processors comes at a scale of 4-10. Going down price, one cannot get good performance of Intel processors. Intel’s wattage is almost 50%, so power consumption is less by these processors.if INTEL works on the 7 nano meters technology which is very old for the generation of the year 2021. If you want a laptop with good battery life, then Intel processors should be preferred. If you want to buy high-end laptops or desktops, One should prefer Intel based processors because performance in this segment is way better than AMD. If we talk about Desktop, and you want to change processor, motherboard or socket’s compatibility, then Intel has many options available for that in comparison to AMD processor. but AMD is very far from the INTEL because in the gaming section of the world.

If you are the kind of person who wants to buy the best CPU there is in terms of performance, functionality and value. Let us briefly break down some of the main differences between AMD and Intel. If you want a breakdown of the price difference between AMD Ryzen and Intel CPUs, we have it here as well.

Either way, due to the rivalry between AMD and Intel, it can be difficult to choose the best processor or graphics card for you. Each site brings out better and better components, and you could say that about the CPU, but if you are an experienced manufacturer looking for the best PC components, you will need to take a little more time to decide. The following purchaser’s guide has summed up the differences between the two CPU options and will help you understand how AMD and Intel will give you more money.

It does not help that both sides are not exactly in agreement at technical level either. In theory, yes, but it doesn’t really help that not every side is one on a purely technical level.

Fortunately, some of us are here to help clarify the differences between AMD’s Ryzen 3000 and Threadripper CPUs, including the latest AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, Ryzen 3 3100 and Intel’s latest Coffee Lake desktop processors as well as the recently dropped Ice Lake and Cascade Lake chips.


HI , today i tell you about the brand new mi note 10s full camera review and their camera quality in INDIA this model price is about s 14,999 for the base variant that good for the price and the second which gets 6GB RAM and 64GB storage. You will get it out Rs 15,999 for the higher storage option of 128 GB. 60 hertz amoled screen with a brightness which is good and to 700 nits the helio g95 is powering and the battery is 5000 milli amp hour battery and now we tell you about his 64 megapixel which is same as mi note 8 pro which has a best camera quality in this segment of 15000 rupees.


let’s start with dynamic range of camera. good dynamic range is important in this segment but is is less then some expansive mobile phone and their camera quality it has a wide dynamic range colour are good and their saturation of the light is very best in the segment i think this time mi work really hard in the camera and their camera sensors the Mi 10 Pro delivers a well-balanced tradeoff between detail mi zoom quality is also good but for 2x only because more than that it gives you so much of noise for 64 mp is is good and worth for the main camera sensor 13 megapixel camera for the price it’s actually got a lot on offer here so in this in-depth review Good detail is also visible in bokeh and portrait and video shots, and good depth estimation in this shooting mode contributes further to natural-looking portrait mode good detail in images captured at medium or long zoom settings but not more then 2x natural looking On the downside, portrait shots frequently suffer from auto focus failures, and colors, especially skin tones, can look a little dull. Our testers also found quite strong image noise on moving objects in the frame and artifacts in HDR scenes. While dynamic range is good in brighter light, some highlight clipping can occur in low-light conditions.


that has a really nice flagship grad screen in it but this one is still excellent for the price point so your typical options in here you get you’ve got your color scheme which you can adjust everything so you change the saturation the white balance color temperature great having all of these options and this the anti-flicker mode i will turn that off the dc dimming and you will probably notice now when i turn it off that the screen did change a little bit there so regular so that is enough for us and if i turn down the brightness which at the moment is about 200 nits you see now the banding coming through and if i flick it on that banding will stop so that is why it’s so great to have this option on a phone at this price point is amazing really i think this phone has very good audio and good fill the price got radio 3.5 millimeter out support with good quality nice and clean there’s no static there’s no annoying hiss or white noise or anything like that and then this dual speakers so i have noticed that the top speaker is a good 30 quieter than the bottom loudspeaker that has a lot more noise coming out of it and overall for dual loudspeakers i think they’re okay they’re not the best out there they’ve got a little hint of bass but here’s a sample of them at onto a gaming performance now to test out how does that helio g95 handle popular titles here like pubg so this pubg is loading up right now and it does let end the blog.

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why samsung is now in laptop market in 2021

laptop computer on glass-top table

hi am kunal verma so today i tell you about samsung’s laptop been hard at work in 2021 three fresh galaxy books at its not latest all with the strong on portability which will actually come in pretty handy as we eventually come crawling out of lockdown cowering at look like jakkas laptop in the market or something you’ve got a galaxy book and a galaxy book pro if you’re a bit more minted and fancy upgraded specs plus a galaxy book pro 360 model which can transform into a big ass tablet with s pen support now i had a chance to play with all three of these fresh new galaxy book and their new feature and samsung brand value are the top in the market and giving the operation and pex tension of making natural and organised market and giving 2021 devices at a samsung hands-on event and here’s all you need to know about all three of them and how they stack up and for more on the latest greatest deck please do poke subscribe and hit that notifications bell cheers now while the standard galaxy buck only comes in a 15.6 inch size option the pro and the pro 360 can be snuffled in either 15.6 or 13.3 inches depending on how big you like it speaking of big the bog standard galaxy buck is chunkier and heavier than its siblings at 1.55 kilos and 15.4 millimeters in contrast the 15.6 inch galaxy book pro 360is 1.39 kilos and 11.9 millimeters while the same size of galaxy book pro is impressively lightweight at just a shade over one kilo with a suitably svelte 11.7 mil finish and if you go for the 13 inch versions they are slimmer and lighter again so absolutely perfect for carrying when you head on out although personally my only outside time right now involves occasionally emptying the bins and sometimes i’ll just step out of the front door to shake my fist to the sky and have a bit of a scream now part of the reason that the galaxy book pro is so light is because samsung mixed in some magnesium during construction while the others go for a straight up aluminium finish and all three of samsung’s new galaxy book laptops are military standard 810g certified which means they’re tougher than a sack of angry aardvarks they can certainly cope with sudden shocks and drops not to mention high and low temperatures and a bit of humidity as well while the galaxy book pro 360 can even handle a bit of c spray action as for colors the pro laptops come in a choice of mystic nervy or mystic silver while the standard galaxy book can be had in mystic blue or mystic silver and these here are the silver ones i don’t know what’s mystic about them but they look rather nice and if the thought of convenient connectivity gets you all hot and bothered then samsung’s new galaxy bucks certainly will not disappoint you’ve got dual usb a and usb c ports on the standard model plus hdmi and micro sd slots while the skinny chassis on the pro cuts out one of those usb air ports but makes up for it by adding thunderbolt 4 support to one of those type c connections and the galaxy book pro 360 meanwhile sports a microsd slot plus three usb c ports one of which is again thunderbolt 4. now samsung generally nails the keyboards on its laptops and certainly the new galaxy books are an absolute pleasure to type on with boards that stretch the entire width of the chassis the pro models in particular are great with a super quiet type in action thanks to the scissor mechanism although you may prefer the deeper travel on the standard galaxy book but whatever you chose you’ve got full backlighting on there it’s adaptive backlight and i believe just on the pro and the pro 360 model and you’ve also got the option of a fingerprint sensor built into that power button as well so you can wake up the laptop and unlock it with one quick poke meanwhile the touch pads basically fill the palm rest and they don’t seem to suck which is good news if you leave your mouse at all and all three of these semi laptops sport a basic 720p webcam plus a jewelry mic set up for all of your video conferencing shenanigans although i for one can’t wait for the day we can just pull petrol all over microsoft teams and put it and us out of our bloody misery now the standard galaxy book is a bit of a downgrade compared with the others when it comes to the screen tech what you’ve got here is a basic pls display while the pro models rock an amoled panel with punchy color reproduction and super sharp contrast these screens are visa display hdr 500 certified and those visuals certainly looked great in my brief hands on time no matter your choice of actual model or the size of each model you’ll get full hd plus visuals which seems to keep things nice and crisp but of course i’ll be testing the full color accuracy the brightness levels and all that good stuff when i actually get my hands onthese things for the full review and that galaxy book pro 360 is the only one of the new trio to support a touch screen and it can quickly convert into a chunky tablet by flipping the screen over although unless you’re going to be using it in quick spurts i would certainly want to rest it on a table or something unless you’ve got biceps the size of brussels which i kind of don’t the pro 360 comes with samsung’s s pen stylus as well but the laptop is lacking in orifices to stick the pen inside of when it’s not in so that thing is going to be lost for all time after just a matter of hours if you’re an absolute klutz like make now audio is pumped out of a stereo speaker setup on all of these laptops with dolby atmos support and on top volume they definitely turn out some loud clear sound despite the speaker grilles being shunted away beneath the chassis now storage wise you can grab up to an nvme ssd with 512 gigs of space a maximum and on the network in front well you’ve got wi-fi 6e support on board all of these laptops but unfortunately if you want a bit of lte connectivity well that’s only offered by the standard galaxy book and also the 13.3 inch galaxy book pro as for the grunt while all of samsung’s latest laptops are powered by 11th gen intel processors with integrated iris xe graphics and its core i5 or core i7 depending on how much cash again that you throw at sami that should prove absolutely fine for your everyday shenanigans whether you’re a student a home worker whatever you’re up to although if you are a content creator then you might struggle a bit with more intensive tasks like video editing and gaming well you might want to limit yourself to a bit of minesweeper that’ll run like a dream though and those until chipsets are backspin up to eight gigs of ddr4 ram if you opt for a 13-inch laptop otherwise if you upgrade to a 15-inch away you can double that to 16 gigs of ddr4 ram windows has been enhanced by the usual plethora of samsung shenanigans including a good bit of security action such as the narrow view and angle effort so bystanders can’t have a nose at what you’re up to not that you’d be up to anything dodgy of course you certainly won’t be googling for nasty technical anime stuff not in your local starbucks you’ve got all usual samsung ecosystem features as well including smart things for connecting to all your shiny smart home goodies and the ability to pair p with other samsung devices such as for instance the galaxy tablet to use it as a second screen or your galaxy bud so you can swap the audio between your galaxy book laptop and your galaxy smartphone as for the price of these shiny wig buggers well the standard samsung galaxy box starts from 699 quid for the wi-fi on the core i5 model with 256 gigs of storage rising to 1099 quid for the beefier core i7 version with lte support and double that storage meanwhile the galaxy book pro starts from 1099 and the pro 360 will cost you at least 1 1999 quid here’s all the different here anyways i can’t be bothered to rattle them all off now pre-orders open from today with the added incentive of a free pair of samsung galaxy buds pro the true wireless earbuds which i’ve reviewed right here on texpert probably while stocks last or some other small print otherwise if you just want to buy one from a online store and shop in the market giving best discount in the whole market in the country


hi i am kunal verma i am going you to tell you a about the brand new 11 ultra All right so this this is the xiaomi mi 11 ultra xiaomi’s latest and greatest creation for 2021 with a camera bump the size of the moon on the back it’s a big one so you might have seen that i posted a picture of this phone on twitter and i asked just would you rock a phone like this and the answers were mostly two things one uh no just make the rest of the phone thicker to match the thickness of the camera bump just add some battery and make it flush or two yeah if the camera is actually amazing all right well that being said let’s just jump straight into this camera shall we also stay tuned to the end of this video where i have a trailer for retro tech season two it’s finally ready and it’s dropping daily starting tomorrow on this channel it’s gonna be lit but this is the world’s largest smartphone camera in more than one way so it’s not even like it’s that many cameras by today’s standards anyway it’s got three on the back along with a triple led flash and a whole touch screen which i’ll get to but each of these cameras on the back of this thing appears to be a world’s largest in some way so the primary sensor is the world’s largest camera sensor in a smartphone then the ultra wide gives you the world’s largest field of view the widest ultrawide of any i’ve seen in a smartphone and the zoom at 120x is the biggest zoom in any smartphone so far so right off the bat on paper pretty impressive so all right the main camera that ladies and gentlemen is a one over one point one two inch sensor that is really close to one inch you know what else has a one inch sensor the sony rx100 now of course that also has a whole real optical zoom lens and it can do a lot more it’s a dedicated point-and-shoot but to fit nearly the same size sensor inside a smartphone is pretty incredible it’s kind of hard to understand how awesome that is so that 50 megapixel sensor bends down to 12 megapixels has an f 1.95 aperture and ois now if the question is can this phone hang with the rx100 the answer is still mostly no because that glass does make a huge difference to a photo even if you do have a similar sensor but that huge sensor does deliver a certain look and that look is high detail and shallow depth of field all the time so literally anytime you have a close-up subject you can count on the background being blurred out of focus none of these shots are portrait mode this is just straight snapping photos it absolutely epitomizes that big sensor look in a smartphone but guess what that also means if you have even more close-up subjects like i do you’re going to start to see fringing around the outsides because the plane of focus is so thin that most of the object unless it’s flat is actually going to be slightly out of focus we’ve seen this from other big sensor smartphones i do really like the processing though i gotta say it’s very naturally sharp it’s not like this over-processed hyper-sharpened look like i’ve seen a lot lately so these are just some of the photos i’ve been taking with it there’s plenty of detail and information and when you zoom in they retain that detail so that parts really nice aside from that though the colors aren’t really all that amazing to me the hdr works well though it does still occasionally overdo it and the fringing sometimes gets really annoying when you have very close up subjects and i take a lot of those but generally this camera is quite nice and not looking over processed until night time so that huge sensor is specifically letting in tons of light so at night you can pretty easily take low noise photos with a pretty fast shutter speed some phones just like to make shots at night look like they were taken during the day maybe you’re into this look maybe you’re not there’s no doubt though about the light gathering advantage of such a huge sensor this is the same shot in a one and a half second exposure from the mi 11 ultra versus a three second exposure from the iphone 12 pro and same deal here they’re both very detailed photos and they look very similar but the xiaomi is a little brighter and more importantly it took less time than the other one alright so then the ultrawide this ultra wide camera with a 128 degree field of view so look i’ve seen a lot of ultrawides on the back of phones in my day ever since that lg g5 and i think it’s safe to say this is the widest ultra wide i’ve seen yet gives you the biggest field of view and it has a lot of the same processing characteristics as the main camera it’s 48 megapixels and it’s got the detail the pretty flat color the hdr but what i noticed is because it’s so incredibly wide the outer edges of the frame like near the corners are much softer and more distorted than most of the middle so by the time you crop in from that super soft corner you end up with a pretty normal looking ultra ride but it’s nice to have the extra flexibility of a camera that can just capture everything in one shot for sure i literally never had to worry about backing up from a subject so then lastly your zoom you got yourself another 48 megapixels at a 5x optical zoom which can take you up to a 120x on the digital zoom side which that’s the biggest number that’s the furthest digital zoom you’re gonna find today in a smartphone camera now the usability of a 120x zoom is very debatable you know they do the same software trick samsung does by showing you where you are in the overall frame when you’re zooming in so you at least have an idea of what you’re looking at but most stuff you shoot past about 50x just looks not great and the 120x photos just look like a smear of pixels like a guessing game unless you know exactly what you’re looking at it’s not going to be great i file this directly into the novelty drawer but there is no doubt that you can get much much sharper like 5 to 20 x zoom photos from this camera and they still have shallow depth of field which is pretty nuts all three of these cameras will shoot night mode photos and all three of these cameras will also shoot 8k video which is pretty great although 8k video is locked up to 24 fps so i found myself shooting in the correct frame rate at 4k 30. you can also do 4k 60 but pretty impressive on the video front and you can see the staggered hdr really working here i feel like i can see way more into the shadows with this video camera like in clips like this you can switch also somewhat smoothly between all three cameras while shooting video at 4k which is sweet and i was impressed with the color consistency between all three cameras now the minimum focus distance is not nearly the same from the telephoto when it kicks in so if you’re shooting something close up probably don’t switch the telephoto but aside from that whether you like the color tuning or not they’ve gotten it very consistent between all the cameras it’s good stuff but something else i’ve noticed with me 11 ultra it seems to be working really hard doing this camera stuff so it’s you know there’s a couple features that are enabled by the snapdragon 8 but just because they’re enabled doesn’t mean they’re efficient or easy for it so with heavy camera use i actually noticed two things one the battery plummeted look at this graph this is a 5 000 milliamp hour battery going from about 45 percent to near 25 in a couple of minutes and xiaomi software is just straight up telling me like yeah it’s the camera that’s killing your battery the built-in battery setting lets you play around with the graph and look at exactly how much battery certain apps drain in certain time periods and the camera was the culprit here but the other thing i noticed is shutter lag or at least i thought it was shutter lag but it’s actually just a lag of the shutter animation the photo you’re taking is actually as soon as you touch the button but then the animation plays a split second late so it kind of feels like the opposite problem the oneplus 9’s have where you think you got the picture but then you didn’t with this camera you might think you missed it but you actually did get it so it feels a bit slow overall but the shots are in fact very quick if that makes sense so now you got the world’s largest smartphone sensor the world’s largest field of view ultra wide the deepest zoom in any smartphone camera might as well finish it off by making it the world’s largest camera bump by adding a screen to the back because why not so actually i had to think about this i’m not sure if it actually is the biggest ever camera bump by volume just because phones like the lumia 1020 exist but this display on the back here is pretty funny fun fact it’s actually the same display that’s in xiaomi’s me band 5. it’s like they realized they had some extras left over and just thought hey why don’t we put these in the back of the phone so it’s a 1.1 inch ammo led touch screen with a 126 by 294 resolution it’s not super sharp at all i can literally see pixels and it’s also not very bright but it can show you a couple things it can show you the time your battery status and a notification light if you have any waiting for you and i can also show you any number of pre-loaded images with a black background that’s kind of cool if you just want a cactus on back your phone all the time but there’s also a whole customizer built into the software where you can put a text quote permanently on the back of your phone or even upload your own custom image hence the thumbnail for this video not quite as custom as the rog phone 5 ultimate but it’s up there but really the only actually useful thing i’ve seen it do is act as a tiny viewfinder for the main camera so you can take high quality selfies on those massive sensors you can zoom in and out and everything and that’ll be a much higher quality selfie than the perfectly average 20 megapixel selfie camera could ever manage other than that honestly not super useful it’s pretty cool of course it’s a touch screen but yeah i think you spend most your time looking at the front of the phone but here’s what i guess you can say here is that screen brought the camera bump all the way to the other side of the phone here so now you have this big square camera bump that doesn’t rock side to side on a table so i guess if it’s between screen and no screen then i’ll take the screen all day by the way the rest of this phone is sick it’s called the ultra for a reason this is xiaomi’s absolutely high-end top-of-the-line flagship and it’s got all the specs and the features to back it up it’s a snapdragon triple eight like we talked about 12 gigs of ram 256 gigs of fast storage and the 5 000 milliamp hour battery like you talked about is pretty impressive but not as impressive as 67 watt wired charging and 67 watt wireless charging on an optional xiaomi wireless charger i don’t have that specific wireless charger but it’s definitely good that a phone that can run down your battery like this can also charge up real quick like this and so it also has an ultra high end display as you can see 6.81 inches 1440p 120hz oled with an in-screen fingerprint reader curved edges and a super bright 1700 nits maximum brightness that makes it very readable indoors outdoors pretty much everywhere and honestly it’s got pretty much every other high-end spec you can actually think of in a phone like just name a high-end spec in your head this phone’s got it all right great haptics check ip68 check reverse wireless charging yeah check 10 watts it’s got an ir blaster okay great speaker quality oh double check there’s harman kardon dual stereo speakers on the top and the bottom and it’s all wrapped up in xiaomi software that i’ve talked about a little more in my mi 11 video but that i do think is also getting really good this phone does it all short of levitating but i just do want to land back on that build one more time you see the photos and the crazy bump on the back of the phone and it just looks like a lot but once you actually start to use the phone i found that my finger i naturally like kind of rested right underneath the camera sort of propped it up like that and i was kind of nice and so i know a lot of you were saying oh just just make this phone thicker give it a ten thousand milliamp hour battery and get rid of the camera bump but this phone is already quite heavy it’s a ceramic back phone first of all and if i weight it which i did literally up against some of the other flagships it’s one of the heaviest and so if you add all of that battery you lose the grip of the camera and then it’s just one big slick thing like i get where you’re coming from but i feel like it’s surprisingly not too top-heavy with this current design and i actually don’t mind it so just something that you get a difference between seeing the phone and actually using the phone but hey at the end of the day it comes down to you would you rock a phone with a gigantic camera bump like this or not for the big time sensor the big time ultrawide the big time zoom and the screen on the back would you be into that let me know in the comment section below it’s probably going to keep getting more extreme from here on out okay retro tech time it’s finally back season two of retro tech is finally ready for your eyeballs and it’s a little bit different this time so last time on season one of retrotech we went through six gadgets that changed the course of history and affected everything that came after them right left a ripple in our universe things like the walkman and the mac and the dynatac this season it’s a little different this time we’re exploring some of the ideas from the past that we thought would be our future by now and whether or not we got there so every day this week starting tomorrow we’re dropping daily new episodes of retro tech season two it’s gonna be so sick they’ll all be at 9 00 a.m eastern sharp just like this video was so whatever time zone you’re in write that down you can do the calculations but come back here at the same time every day for this week for a new episode i’ll see you there roll the trailer i don’t know what exactly we’re about to take out the box let’s find out together [Music] oh my god [Music] when you think about the future what comes to mind [Music] for decades people dreamed of technologies that would change the way we travel look and live so have we already reached our retro futuristic dreams and if not what could possibly lie ahead let’s energize yes my dreams have been realized what is your experience with hoverboards almost none okay oh my god this season on retrotech we’re doing technology this is gonna explode if we keep pumping how does the technology of the past i got an eye in predict our vision you’re about to see everything for the future all your particles will disappear simultaneously and then show up in another place we need pioneers to see how this can all come together thank you written by kunal verma 500EXPOSURE.COM


hi i am kunal verma today i tell you about

samsung galaxy S21

ultra those being the days when form

factors were in flux and

phones were more fun maybe it’s no

surprise that samsung’s 2020

resurrection of the designation

fell a little flat to me the galaxy s20

ultra was too big

too boring and too blurry with a camera

system whose focus issues wouldn’t be

corrected until the note 20 ultra hit

the scene last summer

well i’ve never been happier to say that

we’ve entered a new year

and like clockwork samsung is here with

a new phone to help launch it

while the galaxy s21 ultra might feature

a familiar face

it packs new features that will send

some over the moon

and it brings sacrifices that will leave


foaming at the mouth

as you can see there’s no quantum leap

in aesthetics

this year from the s21 to the plus to


ultra you’re looking at a rounded

rectangle with a prominent camera


welcome to the last 10 years that said

the new satin finish on the gorilla

glass victus backplate is

worlds better than last year’s glossy

smudge sheet

and i like what samsung has done to

integrate the optics module

blending it into the phone’s lines

rather than banishing it to its own

isolated camera crater that’s easier to

appreciate on the smaller s21 with its

more playful paint job

as usual the color options on the higher

end are less exotic

if you like me feel that a phone this

fitted out deserves a flashy finish to


dip on over to my sponsor dbrand they

probably didn’t intend for me to mix and

match their matrix and swarm skins like


but in my book it’s the most interesting

way to

matte black everything drain your device

at the link in the description below

before we talk about the bulk of the

ultra’s updates inside that camera


there are some small but important

changes to the device itself

the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

beneath the victus cover glass is nearly


as large as last year which means it’s


just as consistent and quick as the best

optical scanners

the display has shrunk by a tenth of an

inch which you won’t notice

and it can now shine at up to 1500 nits

which you might notice as the days start

to get longer

that brightness boost is one of several

spec bumps that are always expected

from the qualcomm snapdragon 8 on us

units like my review sample to samsung’s


exynos 2100 in other regions all the way

down to the big battery and

fast but not as fast as they used to be

charging options

there’s nothing earth-shattering in

either category as with most phones that

are this big

the ultra lasts all day and then some

unless you’re recording a ton of video

like i’m about to show you in which case

it’ll hold up to about five hours of

near-constant use at max brightness

recording 4k at 60fps now most users

won’t be doing that

so most users can count on having a

little over 50 percent left in the tank

when they turn

in after a 16-hour day as i did on the

night before this review went to


probably the biggest story on the spec

sheet is what for the first time since

2015 is not there

seven years ago samsung tried stripping

the venerable micro sd card slot from

its galaxy s6

at the time reviewing the phone for

pocket now i was unfazed by the change

and with the s6 available with up to 128

gigs of

admittedly pricey onboard storage i

don’t think many people will miss


but apparently i was in the minority

so vocal was the feedback from those who

prefer their memory removable

that the very next year samsung

reinstated the vaunted microsd slot

and it’s stayed there on every galaxy s


until now now personally not much has

changed since 2015.

this still doesn’t affect me practically

because everything from my google photos

backups to my

spotify playlists are streamed to and

from the cloud

when i do need to transfer files locally

large files

i use a usb thumb drive for that but

there are

reasons good reasons that some people

are upset by this

the first reason is economics it’s

always been cheaper to buy a microsd

card than to upgrade to the next level

of internal storage

another reason is flexibility if you

wanted to you could carry around

terabytes of storage to swap in and out

of your phone without even

feeling it in your pocket and then

there’s the principle of the thing

there’s no polite way to say it when it

comes to advertising samsung is

probably the phone world’s biggest


it ruthlessly made fun of apple for

removing the headphone jack from the


until it did exactly the same thing

on its own phones it made fun of apple

for removing the charger from iphone


until it did exactly the same thing with

the s21

and another feature that for generations

has set samsung apart is

mst which lets you pay with your phone

even on

older magnetic stripe credit card

terminals well at least in the us

that’s gone now too rendering samsung

pay just another redundant feature with

an annoying shortcut that gets in the

way of android gestures

it’s back to google pay for me look it’s

not that i’m against

streamlining it’s just that for the past

decade samsung has built

much of its mobile identity on being a

kind of anti-apple

by giving you more for your money when

it comes to the company’s foldables

which truly are

groundbreaking devices that’s still true

but over here on the mainstream

s line i don’t know it just seems like

samsung has decided that it’s easier to

ape apple and delete the evidence that

ever stood for anything more

fortunately for samsung i very much

doubt that the broader audience will

care all that much particularly once

they see what the ultra’s

five cameras can do to put them through

their paces

i met up with two davids and a jaime for

a walking tour of the city just across

the river

are we uh are we gonna are we are we

gonna ride on a boat today

yes say yes to say yes it’s cold it’s

winter but sure

as you can see this is another case of


now well i love that samsung has

improved the video modes available

with 4k 60 on all primary cameras and

the director mode feature that lets you

shoot with front and back cameras at


i was a bit let down by the actual

footage i mean it’s stable and it’s

colorful and it’s crisp and the audio is

surprisingly excellent that’s the kind

of drink i’m here for

but the phone often takes the crispness

to the point of over

sharpening which you can see on hard

edges that appear pixelated

while textured surfaces exhibit a

distracting buzzing

moir effect i also think there’s more

digital noise and even

well-lit shots than i expected maybe

it’s a case of heightened expectations

given how impressed i’d been with the

note 20 ultras video last summer

or maybe shooting in the city i’m just

seeing more textured surfaces than on my

usually rural road trip reviews

now if you’re like most folks and you

spend your time shooting stills

you’ll not find a more versatile camera

phone this side of huawei

samsung gave you almost every tool

imaginable here flanking a giant primary

sensor with 120 degree ultra wide

a 3x and a 10x telephoto two separate


you have so many options for composition


you can snap an idealized golden hour

photo of the city so nice they named it


or you can paint an authentic picture of

brooklyn brownfield remediation

all without moving an inch from the

superfund site you’re standing on

you can press the ultra wide into

service as a macro lens to get a closer

look at the past

or the future and even when you push the


past the optical limit of the 10x lens

samsung’s hybrid cropping keeps the

image fairly clean

all the way up to about 30x light


and the improved stabilization means you

can get well into the 70 to 80x region

without the need for a tripod and if you

do happen to tote one of those around

nothing not even the moon is out of your


hey you guys should talk a lot about the

moon yes you got a problem with that

come on let’s go swimming

i’m gonna let those dual speakers and

this screen ease us

into the outro because they’re the kind

of foundational elements that make this


the best for binging tv outside the

galaxy folder

lg wing of course i talked about

samsung’s tv plus

on my review of the company’s frame


it’s literally free tv with no

subscription fees or sign in required

and it’s the first feature to make the

left home screen on samsung phones

legitimately useful and if you don’t

like it

for the first time ever that i recall on

a samsung phone you can swap it for the

google feed

in the past that would have been one of

the first things i did on this phone but

now that i have free tv just to swipe

away at all times it’s

um a little tougher and rounding out the

added features yes

the ultra works with samsung’s s pen


you need to buy that and a case to

accommodate it separately

and the phone also supports ultra

wideband no

not the verizon 5g branding but the new

close range radio protocol that

powers samsung’s smart tag trackers and

as it matures we’ll let you do things

like unlock your car

your home etc

and finally yes it works well

as a phone in both earpiece and

speakerphone modes

and if you’re as fond of digging in the

dialer for details as i am

you’ll find a little extra with the 21

called a call background

an animated accompaniment to dialing or

getting dialed that can take the form of

traditional to

um well terrible the point is it’s nice

to see a manufacturer putting a little


thought into something as traditionally


as the phone app the galaxy s21 ultra

starts at 11.99

still well into the four figures but a full 200

cheaper than the galaxy s20 ultra debuted at

and that’s before trade-ins and carrier


hardcore enthusiasts may never get past

that microsd betrayal

those with smaller pockets literally and


we’ll likely find the smaller s21 a

better fit

or its cheaper cousin the s20 fe and

i’ll still encourage anyone spending

four figures to at least consider

the galaxy fold too but if you want to

stick with the slabs and you want the

most versatile camera on a smartphone

and you’re comfortable with its

compromises the galaxy s21 ultra

is a potent package

this review was produced following seven

days with the samsung galaxy s21 ultra

review sample provided by

samsung as always samsung was given no

mr mobile works for you and not the


until next time thanks for watching and

remember to stay safe and mask up

while you stay mobile my friends

thank you

written by kunal verma



Hi i’m kunal verma nowadays I tell you concerning

macbook air up here is that the thinkpad x1 carbon

now once this portable computer came out i created a

very COMPLEMENTRY journal concerning it

the best portable computer for many folks it had been fresh

and supported that analysis at that moment

it looked like a very good deal for a

lot of individuals particularly considering its

starting worth.

The build quality the association with

the apple complete you recognize simply simply an honest

package for plenty of individuals thus i known as

it that however i suddenly met issues with this

shortly when business that journal in

fact i reasonably felt guilty having known as this

laptop the simplest purchase for many folks

so i came on here and that i showed you guys

that the keyboard wasn’t functioning as

expected i had issues with the e key

jack contains a macbook professional

kirk contains a macbook professional and can contains a

macbook professional and that i do too thus this is not

coming from an area of simply desirous to

bash a specific complete apple something like that

this is simply a private expertise thus

anyhow the e key starts to offer out and

i reasonably place it down

and went back to mistreatment the macbook professional

then i inherit work

and will tells Pine Tree State his macbook professional is currently

exhibiting constant issue

that this one was then the e-mail started

to appear on behalf of me of people having

experienced constant issue

and i was like man i feel this issue is

bigger than i had ever expected

and the guilt began to gather on behalf of me

maybe i ought to be warning folks can

apple fix it

presumably however if this happens to you

after your warrant expires that might

be a awfully dear fix and this is often not

an cheap

laptop once that happened it reasonably

reconfigured my brain a touch bit i used to be

like man i have been mistreatment apple laptops

exclusively for a awfully while nearly

10 years and that i was like

i ought to return to windows and see

what’s happening in windows

and explore for some windows based mostly

devices that i’d really like thus

that took Pine Tree State down the thinkpad path

and guess what i idolized it wow i actually

didn’t remember

i simply tweaked it a touch bit so

it was appropriate for myself so i

liked it and that i have totally switch


mac to windows while not abundant fanfare

obviously while not telling you guys


and i’m not missing it it’s reasonably a


version of that movement from back in

the day

when you got the guy who’s the macintosh and

the guy who’s the computer and also the one guys in

the suit and also the different guy’s cool

i’m going the opposite direction this


my main portable computer x1 carbon sensible battery


surprisingly i i started to to actually like

the matte show

without the the glare and also the gloss not

the brightest show within the world however i

lived with it

i even lived with the chin on the lowest

here i live

with the inferior track pad on this

thinkpad compared

to the macbook i lived with the unconventional

button placement i lived with the

weird location of the fingerprint

scanner brook all that stuff

and i did thus as a result of once I need to sort

on this stunning keyboard you see however i

did that right there jaggers like vanna

white i simply

i encounter it once I typewritten on this


i had a way of high spirits associate epiphany of

sorts that i used to be like man i have been

missing out there ar nice portable computer

keyboards out there

i’m talking concerning the particular expertise

having used this

even if this issue was fully

functioning properly i’d trade it

in a second

for this expertise this issue invitations

me to answer emails and zip

does ever i ne’er need to seem at email

but here

it’s a pleasure it is a joy and it got Pine Tree State

thinking about laptops normally

in the era apple accustomed have

some pretty sturdy benefits

in thinness lightness battery life


like this however currently we glance at a product

like this it’s like

geez it’s barely thicker

it’s lighter if truth be told with a much bigger

display fourteen in. show

two and a 0.5 pounds thirteen in. show

three pounds

pretty much as skinny light-weight far more


capacity here sort c to a flight


usb there is associate hdmi port another usb

port electro-acoustic transducer jack

sim card slot you may modify this

device for full

mobile property at the side of a sim

card and a association through your

carrier thus you are forever connected it

could be associate forever on

mobile device however the largest issue was

windows itself

i went with just like the simplest setup ever

that i will show jack here

i took the amount of apps that i take advantage of

like on a comparatively frequent basis

i created them nice and tiny i fastened them

and then most of what else i do

just lives at intervals the chrome browser

right there

and via tabs i mean this issue is thus

clean that is essentially what i act


my everyday life cup of low up here

maybe it’s up here

and checking you recognize a few of

different apps i mean it’s windows guys

what does one what does one actually need it

got prettier it very did

it’s not find it irresistible accustomed be it’s additional


it’s sander it’s higher trying i

turned off most of the system-based


that i did not want thus they are less

abrasive that on behalf of me was like

that’s far more seamless that is too simple

and i ought to are gazing these


a long time agone as a result of they’re valid

substitutes for what apple is doing currently

i ought to say that these 2 devices ar


necessarily targeted at constant

clientele i feel most of the people ar going

to say this issue appearance prettier

of course myself i favor the economic

appearance of the thinkpad

this the easy matte end it’s like

it’s it is a tool it’s cool with being a

tool it is a cool tool

it gets like smudges on that it is so what

i’m okay therewith i do not assume

everyone are the exchange you create

there is you want to come with this

wonderful slick aluminium that I even have to

admit it’s nice

but i used to be stunned i enjoyed the switch

and i’m really quite happy

to be within the window area currently and have

the big variety of laptops to decide on


what is a portable computer for many people these

days what does one actually need here what

are you paying for

durability type issue you would like

something that is light-weight you would like

something that has sensible battery life

and then then it is a keyboard and

a display

so raise yourself however sensible ar those

components and that i will pretty safely say

not simply supported my expertise however additionally

on the dependableness issue

that these keyboards on the macbooks ar

flawed which may be a major if not the

most major

component in an exceedingly portable computer it is a reason to

pick up a portable computer compared

to a phone or pill or another

device that you simply have

if you are doing this experiment yourself if

you move over to a keyboard just like the one

on the x1 carbon

you will ne’er need to the touch or faucet

anything like this once more

windows isn’t that unhealthy it isn’t as unhealthy

as it accustomed be

it’s really reasonably pretty currently and you

can create this move I even have formally

quit mistreatment apple portable computer




HI i am kunal verma today i am telling you about

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra is the

most advanced big screen phone so far

because it’s much more than a phone it’s

a highly evolved note-taking device

samsung has made its most elegant

looking phone yet with the galaxy note

20 ultra

the squad of edges combined with the

sophisticated mystic bronze color

gives this handset a corner of his 5.

the finish does a good job of resisting


the massive 6.9 inch oled quad hd plus

display on the galaxy note 20 ultra is

big bold and colorful

more importantly this is the first

samsung phone to offer a dynamic 120

hertz refresh rate

the display is exceedingly bright and is

fairly easy to read in direct sunlight

when using the display scrolling is

super smooth and fast

you can always choose 60hz manually if

you want to save battery life

the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

features triple rear camera setup plus a

laser autofocus sensor

the camera array starts with a 108

megapixel wide camera with a 1.8


and it’s paired with a 12 megapixel

ultra white camera with a 120 degree

field of view

the 12 megapixel telephoto lens delivers

a 5x optical zoom and up to a 50x super

resolution zoom

the zoom lens delivers amazing quality

every time you zoom into something you

will be surprised by the distance it

covered and the details it captured

the galaxy note 20 ultras night mode is

good but it’s not quite as bright or

colorful as the iphone 11 pro

pictures taken with this device delivers

stunning quality with great details and


the note 20 ultra delivered better

results than the iphone 11 pro

in close up shots if you want to record

the sharpest video possible you will be

pleased to know that the samsung galaxy

note 2 ultra can record 8k video

with a 21 by 9 aspect ratio there’s also

a new pro video mode that lets you

control the focus

exposure and zoom speed the 12 megapixel

selfie camera up front has a 120 degree

field of view

which should come in handy for group selfies

the samsung galaxy note 2 ultra benefits

from a swift 9ms response time for its s pen

which is designed to deliver more of a

pen to paper feel when taking notes or drawing

it’s one of the fastest android phones

around and it’s one of the first

handsets with qualcomm snapdragon’s 865

plus processor

this chipset boosts the clock speed by

up to 10 percent

to 3.1 gigahertz and the graphics is

also 10

faster than the regular snapdragon 865

chip inside the galaxy s20

this processor is paired with 12 gb of

ram and either 128 gb or 512gb of

internal storage

as you would expect from a premium

flagship the galaxy note 20 ultra

supports both flavors of 5g

you will also appreciate the improved

decks experience which is now completely


now you can beam horse on your galaxy

note 20 ultra screen to a compatible

smart tv

the galaxy note 2 ultra packs a pretty

beefy 4 and 500 milliamp

battery which held up well in daily use

it comes with 25 watt fast charging

it also supports wireless charging and

nine watt reverse wireless charging

it offers the best in class display a

better spin experience and a bootloader

of new feature for work and play

the cameras are stellar fixing the

focusing problem with the galaxy s20


and the powerful zoom and xbox gameplay

give the note 20 ultra

advantage over the upcoming iphone 12.


the samsung galaxy s20 fan edition is a

more affordable version of the flagship

phone s20

and its motto is for the fans which

means it prioritizes cameras and display

quality at a more favorable price than

the rest of the galaxy s20 line

there’s a 6.5 inch super amoled display

with a 120 hertz refresh rate for smooth

scrolling and great viewing experience

for this price the s20 fan edition packs

most of the best perks of the flagship

s20 line

a snapdragon 865 chipset or exynos 990

for the 4g version

6 gb of ram and 128 gb of storage

with this processor and ram you can

expect to have great fluidity when using

any apps or games

the galaxy s20 fan edition features a

triple rear camera setup just like the

galaxy s20

but with different lenses the galaxy s20

fan edition features a 12 megapixel main

camera a 12 megapixel ultrawide camera

and 8 megapixel telephoto lens

with a 3x optical zoom the space zoom

goes up to 30x

meanwhile the galaxy s20 packs a 12

megapixel main shooter a 12 megapixel

ultrawide lens and a sharper 64

megapixel telephoto lens

that crops in to achieve a 3x optical

zoom its

space zoom also goes up to 30x you can

record 4k video at 60 fps

up front the galaxy s20 fan edition has

a higher res selfie camera at 32


compared to the 10 megapixel for the

galaxy s20

this makes sense because samsung is

targeting a younger audience with the

galaxy s20 fan edition

both the galaxy s20 fan edition and

galaxy s20 share the same top camera

features such as night mode super steady

and single take

the phone has a 4500mah battery maxing

out at 25 watt worth fast charging and


wireless charging

the galaxy s20 ultra is samsung’s

biggest android phone

and it lives up to its name it is the

first samsung phone with a 120 hertz


which is designed to deliver a smoother

motion when you are scrolling and

especially playing games

you can also toggle between 60hz and

120hz in settings

which will come in handy if you want to

save battery life

samsung’s 6.9 inch display will push the

boundaries of your fingers rich

but you don’t feel much bigger than the

s10 plus its width is actually a little

smaller than the 6.8 inch note 10 plus

and 6.7 inch galaxy s10 5g

it’s just that the galaxy s20 ultra is

noticeably taller

not wider expanding to a 20 by 9 aspect


you can still grip it with one hand and

shove it in a deep enough jeans pocket

the samsung galaxy s20 ultra is made of

glass and aluminium

and it is protected by corning gorilla

glass 6. the specs of this smartphone

rival the likes of laptops

meaning it’s more than you will ever

need the internal specs are all top of

the line

a 7 nanometer chipset qualcomm

snapdragon 865 in the us

or samsung’s exynos 990 in the uk and


16 gb of ram 512 gb of internal storage

and a microsd card slot for expandable


the app’s performance are silky smooth

the s20 ultra isn’t a pure gaming phone

but it matches the asus rock phone 2 and


phone 2 with the silky smooth 120 hertz

refresh rate

the s20 ultra has a 108 megapixel

1.8 aperture main camera a 48 megapixel

3.5 aperture telephoto camera

and a 12 megapixel 2.2 aperture

ultrawide camera

there’s also a time of flight depth

camera on the back adding portrait

photos and 3d scans

and a 40 megapixel selfie camera on the


it’s samsung’s biggest camera sensor

upgrade since the galaxy s7

and s7 edge the main 108 megapixel

camera delivers great quality pictures

with stunning details the camera

performed well in almost every light


the telephoto lens is capable of 10x

lossless zoom and a crazy 100x space


pictures from the selfie camera delivers

great dynamic range and quality

the samsung galaxy s20 ultra camera

introduces 8k resolution video recording

and steady stabilization

8k is going to allow you to crop and

edit video without sacrificing quality

while the 4k will give you more frame

rate and zoom options

samsung’s super fast charging returns on

the s20 ultra

up to 45 watt with an optional charger

and 25 watt with the charger

included in the box it also supports 15

watt fast wireless charging

samsung equipped this phone with a

massive 5000mah battery

which is the biggest in a galaxy s

series device samsung galaxy s20 has a

lot of potential

samsung promised something amazing will

happen in 2020

and here it is

the galaxy note 10 plus is one of the

samsung’s biggest and most powerful


and its aura colors almost symbolically

reflect a smartphone luxury top to


with 6.8 inch screen size the note 10

plus is a massive samsung phone

but it’s easy to fall in love with the

screen and aura glow glass back

it’s both class leading and classy

looking it can be slippery and extend

beyond your natural grip

it has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

that works smoothly

samsung’s use of punchy colors are pixel

dense quad hd plus resolution

and high peak brightness made its super

amoled screens look superb

with its snapdragon 805 processor the

galaxy note 10 offers comparable

performance to the galaxy s10 and s10


but the addition of ufs 3.0 storage

provides a speed boost

it has plenty of memory for multitasking

as it offers 12 gb of ram

and you get 256 gb of internal storage

unlike the note 10 the note 10 plus

includes a micro sd card slot

for expansion when it comes to gaming

performance the note 10 plus has an ai

based game booster mode

for optimizing performance and power

consumption based on the game

the note secret weapon is the s pen

stylus and this phone comes with some

new neat tricks

it’s shorter and thinner than before but

it still accomplishes the same great

fine tip note taking

there are four cameras on the back there

is a 12 megapixel wide

angle camera and 12 megapixel telephoto

lens and an

ultrawide shooter to fit in more of the

frame and a depth sensor to achieve more

convincing bokeh effects when shooting


the main 12 megapixel camera capture

bright and punchy colors

the photo quality is amazing and

delivers great dynamic range it is also

supported by optical image stabilization

color rendering is good producing vivid

and pleasant colors

and the auto white balance system

produces good results even under

artificial lighting

low light photos look better than ever

thanks to a dedicated night mode with

superior post processing technology

the telephoto lens offered 2x optical

zoom zoomed pictures show great details

and color too

the ultrawide lens can fit more into the

frame and does not disappoint the user

the note 10 plus offers 4k video

recording at 60 fps

and 960 fps super slow motion recording

at 720p resolution

the phone offers live focus video

effects so you can blur out the

background or change the background to

black and white

while the subject is in color there is a

improved superstition mode in the camera

once you press the button and start


the camera can minimize any camera shake

the 10 megapixel front camera captures

solid selfies

with great color and accuracy there is

also a night mode for the front camera


the note 10 plus offers live focus

effects on shooting portraits

similar to the galaxy s10 plus you can

record 4k video at 30 fps with the front


with and 300 milli ampere battery


it will get you through more than a day

and it charges much more quickly than

previous samsung phones

it also supports 45 watt fast and 15

watt fast wireless charging

if you love watching netflix youtube and

instagram stories on your smartphone

and want your phone with great

performance and camera then the galaxy

note 10 plus 5g is for you

the galaxy a71 5g brings an excellent

amount of upgrades over its predecessor

this device is a pleasure to hold and

use the display is a 6.7 inch amoled

panel the display is beautiful as well

all the amoled awesomeness is present

such as vivid colors with the option to

switch to a more natural look

deep blacks wide viewing angles and

excellent brightness levels

thanks to the infinity o screen the

bezels have been reduced and the punch

hole for the front camera looks better

than the u-shaped camera cutout we saw

on the galaxy s7 is display

the a71 5g is sleek and light there’s

plastic on the back

but the phone feels premium while not

being slippery as a phone with the glass


the in-display optical fingerprint

sensor has been improved as well

it’s much quicker and more accurate than

last year even more so than

theoretically superior ultrasonic

in-display sensor on samsung’s flagships

naturally facial recognition is

supported and it works well most of the


it is powered by exynos 980 chipset

coupled with 6 or 8gb of ram depending

on the variant you buy

performance in day to day use is

excellent there’s barely any stutter or


and all of the graphical intensive

gaming titles run well

this phone have quad rear camera setup

the galaxy s7

5g 64 megapixel primary camera takes 16

megapixel photos using pixel binning

and when the lighting is right you get

really beautiful pictures

there’s a lot of detail in daylight

shots and good dynamic range

color deep production is also faithful

to real life in most cases

night time shots come out noisy or

grainy although the dedicated night mode

tends to focus on increasing the detail

in dark objects rather than controlling

noise levels

the 12 megapixel ultrawide camera takes

better photos than the a7 was capable of

at least in terms of the detail captured

the a71 also has a 5 megapixel macro

camera which is a great addition to this


and the last one is 5 megapixel depth


you can record 4k video at 30 fps and

1080p super slow-mo video at 960 fps

on the front there is a single 32

megapixel camera for selfies

which delivers great picture quality it

is powered by a 4500mah battery with 25

watt fast charging support

it has impressive battery life and can

get you up to two days on a single


with light uses on wi-fi and a little

mobile data

and a full day if you are a heavy user

who tends to play games

watch youtube videos and do other power

intensive things on their phone

if you travel a lot the a71 has

excellent endurance thank you

written by kunal verma



HI i’m kunal verma nowadays i tell you concerning cameras on the iPhone eleven professional and

11 professional scoop very ar freaking superb

I’ve been taking plenty of images with

both these phones and during this video i am

getting to undergo the last word camera

features thus currently we’ve got AN epic

wide-angle lens

slow-motion with the front camera and

super high dynamic vary for a few crazy

quality shots guys i am excited let’s get

into it

okay thus 1st up most likely the foremost used

mode which is icon mode thus in fact

what is very nice concerning the new iPhone

11 is that you simply will toggle between the

varied lenses thus on the iPhone eleven you

have the immoderate wide and therefore the fisheye

to choose one then on the 11pro

inter mittent or macs you have got the immoderate

wide wide and phonephone zone here could be a

excellent example to point out you guys the

distinction between the immoderate wide wide

to photo lenses and i am with great care glad

I phone finally have these totally different

lenses another factor you’ll liquidate icon

mode simply by swiping up is access a

whole bunch of different options thus 1st

up you’ll select from a bunch of

different filters there ar such a big amount of ones

to choose from then you furthermore may have the

timer thus you’ll select a three-second

or ten-second timer and a ten-second

timer really takes some 1st shots

that is admittedly cool and clearly this

feature is admittedly helpful if you do not

have somebody to require an image for

you can conjointly amendment the side ratios

which i actually love thus whether or not you would like

one thing for Instagram stories or a

square image you’ll simply quickly

access the ratio and alter that

up here once more ar some examples for you

guys with great care you’ll see what the

various side ratios ar another

feature that i am certain several iPhone users

will already be aware of is live

load and this superload is on what this

will is captures some seconds whereas the

icon was being taken thus if you ever

need to travel back and simply get a bit

glimpse in time then make certain to possess

live mode on once taking photos

another factor you will not grasp is at intervals

icon mode once taking photos if you

decide to take a video you just click

and hold down on the shutter button and

a video can begin recording if but

you then swipe right it’s going to really lock

the phone into the recording mode

and you

just keep it up as you’d and if you

click on the shutter button and swipe

left it’ll take a bunch of burst


I’m too slo-mo mode and probably one among

my favorite modes on the iPhones thus

what’s very cool is you’ll really

toggle between the various lenses in

slo-mo mode and judge that lens you

want to require your moving picture in and therefore the

solely different factor you’ll do is flip the

torch on you are typically during this mode

so here ar thusme epic samples of

slow-mo shots that I got mistreatment each the

iPhone eleven and eleven professional scoop i feel what I

love most concerning these slow-motion shots

from these iPhones is that the quality and

I’ve taken several slow-mo videos on different

phones and cameras and these ones quite

frankly ar simply the balm and calm as

you can see you’ll conjointly use slow mode

in an exceedingly bunch of various situations and

lighting things however every and each

time you get such AN epic video and

let’s not forget you’ll currently take a

s low-motion videos be mistreatment the

front-facing camera otherwise referred to as

our favorite word slow flees however all

jokes aside another epic factor you’ll

do is edit your moving picture videos thus if

they click on the edit button you’ll

really decide wherever you would like the slow

motion to start or finish excluding that

you can conjointly trim the video down thus it’s

really nice that you simply will edit your

slow-mo video when the actual fact and you

haven’t got to induce it excellent the primary


currently portrait mode has conjointly had AN epic

little upgrade and it head on over to

portrait mode not solely are you able to amendment

some lighting choices however you’ll currently

take portrait photos of objects and

it’s going to enlarge at background that we’ve

all come back to like from portrait mode if

however you would like to require one among those

epic selfies with the blurred background

as mentioned you’ll amendment up to

totally different lighting things a number of

them ar questionable however it undoubtedly

depends on your scene however what you’ll

do is that if you click on this tiny F icon

you’ll really opt for what quantity blur

you want in your background thus as you

will see here the background blur changes

as I toggle this perform once more with great care

you guys will see here ar some examples

of the various lighting choices that

you can select in portrait mode in some

cases you certainly have to be compelled to tinker with

the settings of it however what is conjointly

very cool is when you’ve got taken your

portrait image you’ll return and edit

it thus all over again if you’re taking on it

edit button you’ll toggle through the

different lighting choices to best suit

the picture you’ve got taken not solely that

you can conjointly still return when you’ve got

taking an image and alter the blur

simply by clicking on it very little F icon

and distribution what quantity blue

you wanting an image or not so it

looks superb ah the gorgeous bird’s-eye

mode that i feel loads of individuals

neglect however ought to undoubtedly use approach

more thus a lot of|another time|yet again|all over again} you’ll toggle

through the assorted lenses and judge

which one you would like to use to your

panoramic image currently there ar some

limitations at intervals the iPhone bird’s-eye

mode however none the less you continue to get some

superb results from mistreatment this mode and

obviously speaking from expertise it’s

so easy to use and you certainly don’t

would like a gimbal or something of the kind to

get these superb photos however merely

all hand-held i do know it is a very little factor

but sadly you’ll solely get your

panoramic ranging from the left then

swing to the correct with different devices

I’ve tried before you’ll couple multiple

ways horizontally and vertically however on

the iPhone it’s not that limiting

nonetheless we have a tendency to still have those epic

lenses to decide on from and if you’re taking a

look from left to right simply what quantity

you get within the shots it’s quite

mind-blowing and that i undoubtedly advocate

you guys whip out your phones a lot of typically

and take a look at out this mode video mode is additionally

the bomb.com and all over again you’ll

toggle between those lenses during this mode

not solely that you simply cannot shuffle between

every lens and digitally zoom into

objects if you would like whereas taking a video

you can conjointly snap a fast image simply

as you see here and all over again guys the

quality is simply thus unimaginable as you’ll

see this can be digitally zoomed and there is

so much detail during this image whereas

taking videos you’ll conjointly toggle

between the lenses even as you see here

and I love the approach Apple created it rivet

and out seamlessly between every lens

while recording if that creates sense the

stabilization is additionally unbelievable guy s

and what is nice is that if you head on over

to the camera settings you’ll amendment

the recording quality to pretty

much something you would like then here ar

some samples of videos I took out and

concerning and this was hand-held guys I did

not have a gimbal for this precise shot

but in fact if you needed to use

crooked you may and for this shot will

use the Osmo Mobil three all over again a extremely

nice factor you’ll do is edit right away you’ve got taken them simply

click on it edit button and you’ll

trim it down right the iPhone while not

using a secondary application that I


more and a lot of lately I see such a big amount of

people mistreatment the time-lapse mode and for

good reason you’ll capture such a big amount of

memories in such alittle quantity of your time

but I do forever advocate that you simply use a

tripod once mistreatment the time-lapse mode

again there ar some limitations once it

comes to this mode you can not amendment the

speed during which a time-lapse is taken however

I think Apple got it excellent and you

don’t would like far more than U.S. as

mentioned i’d forever advocate mistreatment

a stand once obtaining your time-lapse

but you’ll conjointly use a gimbal just like the

oz variety by 3 to induce a fair a lot of

epic time-lapse like this one wherever it

swings slowly from left to right and

captures all this attention-grabbing motions

depending on your scene and the way a lot of you

also need to capture in your time-lapse

you can toggle through the lenses to induce

the best shot this can be such a fun mode to

try in such a big amount of totally different situations and

again you’ll return and edit your

time-lapse if you would like right the

iPhone while not having to use a secondary

application you’ll conjointly crop it and add

filters if you would like

then the night mode is shockingly sensible

guys sadly you cannot toggle it

on it’s going to simply mechanically seem once

it detects the scene is simply too dark however

you’ll grasp that it’s on once you see

that icon and if you click thereon you’ll

change the quantity of your time that it uses

to take the image by adjusting the

timing settings you’re really telling

the camera what quantity lighter you needed

to capture thus by toggling on the most

amount of seconds you’re telling it to

get far more lighting in your shot thus

you can get the simplest image here ar

some examples that I took with night

mode and like I aforementioned it’s unbelievable

because all of those photos were taken

at night with loads of Darkness around

and once more if you’ll use a stand in

this mode for the simplest results then

after all your epic photos are

taken iPhone will have an incredible set of

features to use to edit your photos

and why it is so superb is sometimes on

other devices I even have to transfer AN app

like Lightroom to induce the foremost quantity of

editing options thus I will very tweak

my photos however with AN iPhone it’s all

already there from saturation to

brightness vignetting cropping and

geometry you name it the iPhone . it’s the tip

written by kunal verma