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Hello everyone! I hope this will bear fruit for you, and it will be a new concept for some newcomers who want to read interesting articles. NFT is a new trending concept and will affect the financial system of the future. Maybe, If you don’t know before, use this forum to find out more about NFT.

NFT is a short form of Non-Fungible Token. In addition, it is one of the models of Cryptographic tokens. Provides digital digital assets.

Here is a brief description of NFT,

Non-Fungible Token

First of all, rare digital goods such as art / drawings or collections such as cards, etc., this is known as NFT. The term fungibility is a feature of property or properties where it has its own variable or obscure unit. You can take Fiat money as an example.

Again, you can take a player card as a good example of NFT. Because the value of one card vs another card varies in the year of production and how long they last.

Features of NFT

1) Different digitally, no two NFTs are the same.

2) Each NFT has an owner, it is very easy for anyone to verify.

3) It is useful for content creators, they can sell their work anywhere and reach the global market.

4) Users can use digital art work as collateral for extended loans.

What Is NFT Used for?

Here is information on the use cases and the views of the NFTs.

According to the report, NFT worth about $ 100M is for sale. NFT produces large dynamic and rapidly growing niches in crypto.

What Is Processor ? INTEL Vs AMD Processor Which One Is Better ?

what is processor ?

What Is Processor ? INTEL Vs AMD Processor Which One is best ?
what is processor ?
A processor is an interconnect electronic wire circuit that performs the calculate that run a computer. many company making is making many types of processor ex. company like INTEL, AMD,apple ,etc . A processor performs with his output and input which is given by them and logic and other basic instructions that are passed from an operating system (OS). Most other processes are dependent on the operations of a and their performance and amking most of the processor.AS YOU KNOW
which processor is good INTEL or AMD ?
Intel stands for “Integrated Circuit”. Intel is a American multinational company. It is one of expensive processors.
If we talk on a scale of 1-10, Intel processors comes at a scale of 4-10. Going down price, one cannot get good performance of Intel processors. Intel’s wattage is almost 50%, so power consumption is less by these processors.if INTEL works on the 7 nano meters technology which is very old for the generation of the year 2021. If you would like a laptop with good battery life, then Intel processors should be preferred. If you would like to shop for high-end laptops or desktops, One should prefer Intel based processors because performance during this segment is much better than AMD. If we mention Desktop, and you would like to vary processor, motherboard or socket’s compatibility, then Intel has many options available for that as compared to AMD processor. but AMD is very far from the INTEL because in the gaming section of the world.
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  1. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) :
    AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices. It is an American semiconductor company based which is in USA . On a scale of 1-10, AMD processors comes at 2-7. It is cheaper than Intel Processors sometimes good in the market as well in the new world of gaming . If you’re taking a minimum budget laptop or PC, then preferring AMD processors may be a good idea as compare to Intel processors. These processors consume more power as compared to Intel processors. AMD also runs hotter while using. If you want a good performance and good compatibility, then AMD processor is not preferable.but in personal computer built or heavy gaming AMD is much better the any other processor in the market .

which processor is good INTEL or AMD ?

Intel stands for “Integrated Circuit”. Intel is a American multinational company. It is one of expensive processors.

If we talk on a scale of 1-10, Intel processors comes at a scale of 4-10. Going down price, one cannot get good performance of Intel processors. Intel’s wattage is almost 50%, so power consumption is less by these processors.if INTEL works on the 7 nano meters technology which is very old for the generation of the year 2021. If you want a laptop with good battery life, then Intel processors should be preferred. If you want to buy high-end laptops or desktops, One should prefer Intel based processors because performance in this segment is way better than AMD. If we talk about Desktop, and you want to change processor, motherboard or socket’s compatibility, then Intel has many options available for that in comparison to AMD processor. but AMD is very far from the INTEL because in the gaming section of the world.

If you are the kind of person who wants to buy the best CPU there is in terms of performance, functionality and value. Let us briefly break down some of the main differences between AMD and Intel. If you want a breakdown of the price difference between AMD Ryzen and Intel CPUs, we have it here as well.

Either way, due to the rivalry between AMD and Intel, it can be difficult to choose the best processor or graphics card for you. Each site brings out better and better components, and you could say that about the CPU, but if you are an experienced manufacturer looking for the best PC components, you will need to take a little more time to decide. The following purchaser’s guide has summed up the differences between the two CPU options and will help you understand how AMD and Intel will give you more money.

It does not help that both sides are not exactly in agreement at technical level either. In theory, yes, but it doesn’t really help that not every side is one on a purely technical level.

Fortunately, some of us are here to help clarify the differences between AMD’s Ryzen 3000 and Threadripper CPUs, including the latest AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, Ryzen 3 3100 and Intel’s latest Coffee Lake desktop processors as well as the recently dropped Ice Lake and Cascade Lake chips.


Hi i’m kunal verma nowadays I tell you concerning

macbook air up here is that the thinkpad x1 carbon

now once this portable computer came out i created a

very COMPLEMENTRY journal concerning it

the best portable computer for many folks it had been fresh

and supported that analysis at that moment

it looked like a very good deal for a

lot of individuals particularly considering its

starting worth.

The build quality the association with

the apple complete you recognize simply simply an honest

package for plenty of individuals thus i known as

it that however i suddenly met issues with this

shortly when business that journal in

fact i reasonably felt guilty having known as this

laptop the simplest purchase for many folks

so i came on here and that i showed you guys

that the keyboard wasn’t functioning as

expected i had issues with the e key

jack contains a macbook professional

kirk contains a macbook professional and can contains a

macbook professional and that i do too thus this is not

coming from an area of simply desirous to

bash a specific complete apple something like that

this is simply a private expertise thus

anyhow the e key starts to offer out and

i reasonably place it down

and went back to mistreatment the macbook professional

then i inherit work

and will tells Pine Tree State his macbook professional is currently

exhibiting constant issue

that this one was then the e-mail started

to appear on behalf of me of people having

experienced constant issue

and i was like man i feel this issue is

bigger than i had ever expected

and the guilt began to gather on behalf of me

maybe i ought to be warning folks can

apple fix it

presumably however if this happens to you

after your warrant expires that might

be a awfully dear fix and this is often not

an cheap

laptop once that happened it reasonably

reconfigured my brain a touch bit i used to be

like man i have been mistreatment apple laptops

exclusively for a awfully while nearly

10 years and that i was like

i ought to return to windows and see

what’s happening in windows

and explore for some windows based mostly

devices that i’d really like thus

that took Pine Tree State down the thinkpad path

and guess what i idolized it wow i actually

didn’t remember

i simply tweaked it a touch bit so

it was appropriate for myself so i

liked it and that i have totally switch


mac to windows while not abundant fanfare

obviously while not telling you guys


and i’m not missing it it’s reasonably a


version of that movement from back in

the day

when you got the guy who’s the macintosh and

the guy who’s the computer and also the one guys in

the suit and also the different guy’s cool

i’m going the opposite direction this


my main portable computer x1 carbon sensible battery


surprisingly i i started to to actually like

the matte show

without the the glare and also the gloss not

the brightest show within the world however i

lived with it

i even lived with the chin on the lowest

here i live

with the inferior track pad on this

thinkpad compared

to the macbook i lived with the unconventional

button placement i lived with the

weird location of the fingerprint

scanner brook all that stuff

and i did thus as a result of once I need to sort

on this stunning keyboard you see however i

did that right there jaggers like vanna

white i simply

i encounter it once I typewritten on this


i had a way of high spirits associate epiphany of

sorts that i used to be like man i have been

missing out there ar nice portable computer

keyboards out there

i’m talking concerning the particular expertise

having used this

even if this issue was fully

functioning properly i’d trade it

in a second

for this expertise this issue invitations

me to answer emails and zip

does ever i ne’er need to seem at email

but here

it’s a pleasure it is a joy and it got Pine Tree State

thinking about laptops normally

in the era apple accustomed have

some pretty sturdy benefits

in thinness lightness battery life


like this however currently we glance at a product

like this it’s like

geez it’s barely thicker

it’s lighter if truth be told with a much bigger

display fourteen in. show

two and a 0.5 pounds thirteen in. show

three pounds

pretty much as skinny light-weight far more


capacity here sort c to a flight


usb there is associate hdmi port another usb

port electro-acoustic transducer jack

sim card slot you may modify this

device for full

mobile property at the side of a sim

card and a association through your

carrier thus you are forever connected it

could be associate forever on

mobile device however the largest issue was

windows itself

i went with just like the simplest setup ever

that i will show jack here

i took the amount of apps that i take advantage of

like on a comparatively frequent basis

i created them nice and tiny i fastened them

and then most of what else i do

just lives at intervals the chrome browser

right there

and via tabs i mean this issue is thus

clean that is essentially what i act


my everyday life cup of low up here

maybe it’s up here

and checking you recognize a few of

different apps i mean it’s windows guys

what does one what does one actually need it

got prettier it very did

it’s not find it irresistible accustomed be it’s additional


it’s sander it’s higher trying i

turned off most of the system-based


that i did not want thus they are less

abrasive that on behalf of me was like

that’s far more seamless that is too simple

and i ought to are gazing these


a long time agone as a result of they’re valid

substitutes for what apple is doing currently

i ought to say that these 2 devices ar


necessarily targeted at constant

clientele i feel most of the people ar going

to say this issue appearance prettier

of course myself i favor the economic

appearance of the thinkpad

this the easy matte end it’s like

it’s it is a tool it’s cool with being a

tool it is a cool tool

it gets like smudges on that it is so what

i’m okay therewith i do not assume

everyone are the exchange you create

there is you want to come with this

wonderful slick aluminium that I even have to

admit it’s nice

but i used to be stunned i enjoyed the switch

and i’m really quite happy

to be within the window area currently and have

the big variety of laptops to decide on


what is a portable computer for many people these

days what does one actually need here what

are you paying for

durability type issue you would like

something that is light-weight you would like

something that has sensible battery life

and then then it is a keyboard and

a display

so raise yourself however sensible ar those

components and that i will pretty safely say

not simply supported my expertise however additionally

on the dependableness issue

that these keyboards on the macbooks ar

flawed which may be a major if not the

most major

component in an exceedingly portable computer it is a reason to

pick up a portable computer compared

to a phone or pill or another

device that you simply have

if you are doing this experiment yourself if

you move over to a keyboard just like the one

on the x1 carbon

you will ne’er need to the touch or faucet

anything like this once more

windows isn’t that unhealthy it isn’t as unhealthy

as it accustomed be

it’s really reasonably pretty currently and you

can create this move I even have formally

quit mistreatment apple portable computer




HI i am kunal verma today i am telling you about

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra is the

most advanced big screen phone so far

because it’s much more than a phone it’s

a highly evolved note-taking device

samsung has made its most elegant

looking phone yet with the galaxy note

20 ultra

the squad of edges combined with the

sophisticated mystic bronze color

gives this handset a corner of his 5.

the finish does a good job of resisting


the massive 6.9 inch oled quad hd plus

display on the galaxy note 20 ultra is

big bold and colorful

more importantly this is the first

samsung phone to offer a dynamic 120

hertz refresh rate

the display is exceedingly bright and is

fairly easy to read in direct sunlight

when using the display scrolling is

super smooth and fast

you can always choose 60hz manually if

you want to save battery life

the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

features triple rear camera setup plus a

laser autofocus sensor

the camera array starts with a 108

megapixel wide camera with a 1.8


and it’s paired with a 12 megapixel

ultra white camera with a 120 degree

field of view

the 12 megapixel telephoto lens delivers

a 5x optical zoom and up to a 50x super

resolution zoom

the zoom lens delivers amazing quality

every time you zoom into something you

will be surprised by the distance it

covered and the details it captured

the galaxy note 20 ultras night mode is

good but it’s not quite as bright or

colorful as the iphone 11 pro

pictures taken with this device delivers

stunning quality with great details and


the note 20 ultra delivered better

results than the iphone 11 pro

in close up shots if you want to record

the sharpest video possible you will be

pleased to know that the samsung galaxy

note 2 ultra can record 8k video

with a 21 by 9 aspect ratio there’s also

a new pro video mode that lets you

control the focus

exposure and zoom speed the 12 megapixel

selfie camera up front has a 120 degree

field of view

which should come in handy for group selfies

the samsung galaxy note 2 ultra benefits

from a swift 9ms response time for its s pen

which is designed to deliver more of a

pen to paper feel when taking notes or drawing

it’s one of the fastest android phones

around and it’s one of the first

handsets with qualcomm snapdragon’s 865

plus processor

this chipset boosts the clock speed by

up to 10 percent

to 3.1 gigahertz and the graphics is

also 10

faster than the regular snapdragon 865

chip inside the galaxy s20

this processor is paired with 12 gb of

ram and either 128 gb or 512gb of

internal storage

as you would expect from a premium

flagship the galaxy note 20 ultra

supports both flavors of 5g

you will also appreciate the improved

decks experience which is now completely


now you can beam horse on your galaxy

note 20 ultra screen to a compatible

smart tv

the galaxy note 2 ultra packs a pretty

beefy 4 and 500 milliamp

battery which held up well in daily use

it comes with 25 watt fast charging

it also supports wireless charging and

nine watt reverse wireless charging

it offers the best in class display a

better spin experience and a bootloader

of new feature for work and play

the cameras are stellar fixing the

focusing problem with the galaxy s20


and the powerful zoom and xbox gameplay

give the note 20 ultra

advantage over the upcoming iphone 12.


the samsung galaxy s20 fan edition is a

more affordable version of the flagship

phone s20

and its motto is for the fans which

means it prioritizes cameras and display

quality at a more favorable price than

the rest of the galaxy s20 line

there’s a 6.5 inch super amoled display

with a 120 hertz refresh rate for smooth

scrolling and great viewing experience

for this price the s20 fan edition packs

most of the best perks of the flagship

s20 line

a snapdragon 865 chipset or exynos 990

for the 4g version

6 gb of ram and 128 gb of storage

with this processor and ram you can

expect to have great fluidity when using

any apps or games

the galaxy s20 fan edition features a

triple rear camera setup just like the

galaxy s20

but with different lenses the galaxy s20

fan edition features a 12 megapixel main

camera a 12 megapixel ultrawide camera

and 8 megapixel telephoto lens

with a 3x optical zoom the space zoom

goes up to 30x

meanwhile the galaxy s20 packs a 12

megapixel main shooter a 12 megapixel

ultrawide lens and a sharper 64

megapixel telephoto lens

that crops in to achieve a 3x optical

zoom its

space zoom also goes up to 30x you can

record 4k video at 60 fps

up front the galaxy s20 fan edition has

a higher res selfie camera at 32


compared to the 10 megapixel for the

galaxy s20

this makes sense because samsung is

targeting a younger audience with the

galaxy s20 fan edition

both the galaxy s20 fan edition and

galaxy s20 share the same top camera

features such as night mode super steady

and single take

the phone has a 4500mah battery maxing

out at 25 watt worth fast charging and


wireless charging

the galaxy s20 ultra is samsung’s

biggest android phone

and it lives up to its name it is the

first samsung phone with a 120 hertz


which is designed to deliver a smoother

motion when you are scrolling and

especially playing games

you can also toggle between 60hz and

120hz in settings

which will come in handy if you want to

save battery life

samsung’s 6.9 inch display will push the

boundaries of your fingers rich

but you don’t feel much bigger than the

s10 plus its width is actually a little

smaller than the 6.8 inch note 10 plus

and 6.7 inch galaxy s10 5g

it’s just that the galaxy s20 ultra is

noticeably taller

not wider expanding to a 20 by 9 aspect


you can still grip it with one hand and

shove it in a deep enough jeans pocket

the samsung galaxy s20 ultra is made of

glass and aluminium

and it is protected by corning gorilla

glass 6. the specs of this smartphone

rival the likes of laptops

meaning it’s more than you will ever

need the internal specs are all top of

the line

a 7 nanometer chipset qualcomm

snapdragon 865 in the us

or samsung’s exynos 990 in the uk and


16 gb of ram 512 gb of internal storage

and a microsd card slot for expandable


the app’s performance are silky smooth

the s20 ultra isn’t a pure gaming phone

but it matches the asus rock phone 2 and


phone 2 with the silky smooth 120 hertz

refresh rate

the s20 ultra has a 108 megapixel

1.8 aperture main camera a 48 megapixel

3.5 aperture telephoto camera

and a 12 megapixel 2.2 aperture

ultrawide camera

there’s also a time of flight depth

camera on the back adding portrait

photos and 3d scans

and a 40 megapixel selfie camera on the


it’s samsung’s biggest camera sensor

upgrade since the galaxy s7

and s7 edge the main 108 megapixel

camera delivers great quality pictures

with stunning details the camera

performed well in almost every light


the telephoto lens is capable of 10x

lossless zoom and a crazy 100x space


pictures from the selfie camera delivers

great dynamic range and quality

the samsung galaxy s20 ultra camera

introduces 8k resolution video recording

and steady stabilization

8k is going to allow you to crop and

edit video without sacrificing quality

while the 4k will give you more frame

rate and zoom options

samsung’s super fast charging returns on

the s20 ultra

up to 45 watt with an optional charger

and 25 watt with the charger

included in the box it also supports 15

watt fast wireless charging

samsung equipped this phone with a

massive 5000mah battery

which is the biggest in a galaxy s

series device samsung galaxy s20 has a

lot of potential

samsung promised something amazing will

happen in 2020

and here it is

the galaxy note 10 plus is one of the

samsung’s biggest and most powerful


and its aura colors almost symbolically

reflect a smartphone luxury top to


with 6.8 inch screen size the note 10

plus is a massive samsung phone

but it’s easy to fall in love with the

screen and aura glow glass back

it’s both class leading and classy

looking it can be slippery and extend

beyond your natural grip

it has an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

that works smoothly

samsung’s use of punchy colors are pixel

dense quad hd plus resolution

and high peak brightness made its super

amoled screens look superb

with its snapdragon 805 processor the

galaxy note 10 offers comparable

performance to the galaxy s10 and s10


but the addition of ufs 3.0 storage

provides a speed boost

it has plenty of memory for multitasking

as it offers 12 gb of ram

and you get 256 gb of internal storage

unlike the note 10 the note 10 plus

includes a micro sd card slot

for expansion when it comes to gaming

performance the note 10 plus has an ai

based game booster mode

for optimizing performance and power

consumption based on the game

the note secret weapon is the s pen

stylus and this phone comes with some

new neat tricks

it’s shorter and thinner than before but

it still accomplishes the same great

fine tip note taking

there are four cameras on the back there

is a 12 megapixel wide

angle camera and 12 megapixel telephoto

lens and an

ultrawide shooter to fit in more of the

frame and a depth sensor to achieve more

convincing bokeh effects when shooting


the main 12 megapixel camera capture

bright and punchy colors

the photo quality is amazing and

delivers great dynamic range it is also

supported by optical image stabilization

color rendering is good producing vivid

and pleasant colors

and the auto white balance system

produces good results even under

artificial lighting

low light photos look better than ever

thanks to a dedicated night mode with

superior post processing technology

the telephoto lens offered 2x optical

zoom zoomed pictures show great details

and color too

the ultrawide lens can fit more into the

frame and does not disappoint the user

the note 10 plus offers 4k video

recording at 60 fps

and 960 fps super slow motion recording

at 720p resolution

the phone offers live focus video

effects so you can blur out the

background or change the background to

black and white

while the subject is in color there is a

improved superstition mode in the camera

once you press the button and start


the camera can minimize any camera shake

the 10 megapixel front camera captures

solid selfies

with great color and accuracy there is

also a night mode for the front camera


the note 10 plus offers live focus

effects on shooting portraits

similar to the galaxy s10 plus you can

record 4k video at 30 fps with the front


with and 300 milli ampere battery


it will get you through more than a day

and it charges much more quickly than

previous samsung phones

it also supports 45 watt fast and 15

watt fast wireless charging

if you love watching netflix youtube and

instagram stories on your smartphone

and want your phone with great

performance and camera then the galaxy

note 10 plus 5g is for you

the galaxy a71 5g brings an excellent

amount of upgrades over its predecessor

this device is a pleasure to hold and

use the display is a 6.7 inch amoled

panel the display is beautiful as well

all the amoled awesomeness is present

such as vivid colors with the option to

switch to a more natural look

deep blacks wide viewing angles and

excellent brightness levels

thanks to the infinity o screen the

bezels have been reduced and the punch

hole for the front camera looks better

than the u-shaped camera cutout we saw

on the galaxy s7 is display

the a71 5g is sleek and light there’s

plastic on the back

but the phone feels premium while not

being slippery as a phone with the glass


the in-display optical fingerprint

sensor has been improved as well

it’s much quicker and more accurate than

last year even more so than

theoretically superior ultrasonic

in-display sensor on samsung’s flagships

naturally facial recognition is

supported and it works well most of the


it is powered by exynos 980 chipset

coupled with 6 or 8gb of ram depending

on the variant you buy

performance in day to day use is

excellent there’s barely any stutter or


and all of the graphical intensive

gaming titles run well

this phone have quad rear camera setup

the galaxy s7

5g 64 megapixel primary camera takes 16

megapixel photos using pixel binning

and when the lighting is right you get

really beautiful pictures

there’s a lot of detail in daylight

shots and good dynamic range

color deep production is also faithful

to real life in most cases

night time shots come out noisy or

grainy although the dedicated night mode

tends to focus on increasing the detail

in dark objects rather than controlling

noise levels

the 12 megapixel ultrawide camera takes

better photos than the a7 was capable of

at least in terms of the detail captured

the a71 also has a 5 megapixel macro

camera which is a great addition to this


and the last one is 5 megapixel depth


you can record 4k video at 30 fps and

1080p super slow-mo video at 960 fps

on the front there is a single 32

megapixel camera for selfies

which delivers great picture quality it

is powered by a 4500mah battery with 25

watt fast charging support

it has impressive battery life and can

get you up to two days on a single


with light uses on wi-fi and a little

mobile data

and a full day if you are a heavy user

who tends to play games

watch youtube videos and do other power

intensive things on their phone

if you travel a lot the a71 has

excellent endurance thank you

written by kunal verma



HI i’m kunal verma nowadays i tell you concerning cameras on the iPhone eleven professional and

11 professional scoop very ar freaking superb

I’ve been taking plenty of images with

both these phones and during this video i am

getting to undergo the last word camera

features thus currently we’ve got AN epic

wide-angle lens

slow-motion with the front camera and

super high dynamic vary for a few crazy

quality shots guys i am excited let’s get

into it

okay thus 1st up most likely the foremost used

mode which is icon mode thus in fact

what is very nice concerning the new iPhone

11 is that you simply will toggle between the

varied lenses thus on the iPhone eleven you

have the immoderate wide and therefore the fisheye

to choose one then on the 11pro

inter mittent or macs you have got the immoderate

wide wide and phonephone zone here could be a

excellent example to point out you guys the

distinction between the immoderate wide wide

to photo lenses and i am with great care glad

I phone finally have these totally different

lenses another factor you’ll liquidate icon

mode simply by swiping up is access a

whole bunch of different options thus 1st

up you’ll select from a bunch of

different filters there ar such a big amount of ones

to choose from then you furthermore may have the

timer thus you’ll select a three-second

or ten-second timer and a ten-second

timer really takes some 1st shots

that is admittedly cool and clearly this

feature is admittedly helpful if you do not

have somebody to require an image for

you can conjointly amendment the side ratios

which i actually love thus whether or not you would like

one thing for Instagram stories or a

square image you’ll simply quickly

access the ratio and alter that

up here once more ar some examples for you

guys with great care you’ll see what the

various side ratios ar another

feature that i am certain several iPhone users

will already be aware of is live

load and this superload is on what this

will is captures some seconds whereas the

icon was being taken thus if you ever

need to travel back and simply get a bit

glimpse in time then make certain to possess

live mode on once taking photos

another factor you will not grasp is at intervals

icon mode once taking photos if you

decide to take a video you just click

and hold down on the shutter button and

a video can begin recording if but

you then swipe right it’s going to really lock

the phone into the recording mode

and you

just keep it up as you’d and if you

click on the shutter button and swipe

left it’ll take a bunch of burst


I’m too slo-mo mode and probably one among

my favorite modes on the iPhones thus

what’s very cool is you’ll really

toggle between the various lenses in

slo-mo mode and judge that lens you

want to require your moving picture in and therefore the

solely different factor you’ll do is flip the

torch on you are typically during this mode

so here ar thusme epic samples of

slow-mo shots that I got mistreatment each the

iPhone eleven and eleven professional scoop i feel what I

love most concerning these slow-motion shots

from these iPhones is that the quality and

I’ve taken several slow-mo videos on different

phones and cameras and these ones quite

frankly ar simply the balm and calm as

you can see you’ll conjointly use slow mode

in an exceedingly bunch of various situations and

lighting things however every and each

time you get such AN epic video and

let’s not forget you’ll currently take a

s low-motion videos be mistreatment the

front-facing camera otherwise referred to as

our favorite word slow flees however all

jokes aside another epic factor you’ll

do is edit your moving picture videos thus if

they click on the edit button you’ll

really decide wherever you would like the slow

motion to start or finish excluding that

you can conjointly trim the video down thus it’s

really nice that you simply will edit your

slow-mo video when the actual fact and you

haven’t got to induce it excellent the primary


currently portrait mode has conjointly had AN epic

little upgrade and it head on over to

portrait mode not solely are you able to amendment

some lighting choices however you’ll currently

take portrait photos of objects and

it’s going to enlarge at background that we’ve

all come back to like from portrait mode if

however you would like to require one among those

epic selfies with the blurred background

as mentioned you’ll amendment up to

totally different lighting things a number of

them ar questionable however it undoubtedly

depends on your scene however what you’ll

do is that if you click on this tiny F icon

you’ll really opt for what quantity blur

you want in your background thus as you

will see here the background blur changes

as I toggle this perform once more with great care

you guys will see here ar some examples

of the various lighting choices that

you can select in portrait mode in some

cases you certainly have to be compelled to tinker with

the settings of it however what is conjointly

very cool is when you’ve got taken your

portrait image you’ll return and edit

it thus all over again if you’re taking on it

edit button you’ll toggle through the

different lighting choices to best suit

the picture you’ve got taken not solely that

you can conjointly still return when you’ve got

taking an image and alter the blur

simply by clicking on it very little F icon

and distribution what quantity blue

you wanting an image or not so it

looks superb ah the gorgeous bird’s-eye

mode that i feel loads of individuals

neglect however ought to undoubtedly use approach

more thus a lot of|another time|yet again|all over again} you’ll toggle

through the assorted lenses and judge

which one you would like to use to your

panoramic image currently there ar some

limitations at intervals the iPhone bird’s-eye

mode however none the less you continue to get some

superb results from mistreatment this mode and

obviously speaking from expertise it’s

so easy to use and you certainly don’t

would like a gimbal or something of the kind to

get these superb photos however merely

all hand-held i do know it is a very little factor

but sadly you’ll solely get your

panoramic ranging from the left then

swing to the correct with different devices

I’ve tried before you’ll couple multiple

ways horizontally and vertically however on

the iPhone it’s not that limiting

nonetheless we have a tendency to still have those epic

lenses to decide on from and if you’re taking a

look from left to right simply what quantity

you get within the shots it’s quite

mind-blowing and that i undoubtedly advocate

you guys whip out your phones a lot of typically

and take a look at out this mode video mode is additionally

the and all over again you’ll

toggle between those lenses during this mode

not solely that you simply cannot shuffle between

every lens and digitally zoom into

objects if you would like whereas taking a video

you can conjointly snap a fast image simply

as you see here and all over again guys the

quality is simply thus unimaginable as you’ll

see this can be digitally zoomed and there is

so much detail during this image whereas

taking videos you’ll conjointly toggle

between the lenses even as you see here

and I love the approach Apple created it rivet

and out seamlessly between every lens

while recording if that creates sense the

stabilization is additionally unbelievable guy s

and what is nice is that if you head on over

to the camera settings you’ll amendment

the recording quality to pretty

much something you would like then here ar

some samples of videos I took out and

concerning and this was hand-held guys I did

not have a gimbal for this precise shot

but in fact if you needed to use

crooked you may and for this shot will

use the Osmo Mobil three all over again a extremely

nice factor you’ll do is edit right away you’ve got taken them simply

click on it edit button and you’ll

trim it down right the iPhone while not

using a secondary application that I


more and a lot of lately I see such a big amount of

people mistreatment the time-lapse mode and for

good reason you’ll capture such a big amount of

memories in such alittle quantity of your time

but I do forever advocate that you simply use a

tripod once mistreatment the time-lapse mode

again there ar some limitations once it

comes to this mode you can not amendment the

speed during which a time-lapse is taken however

I think Apple got it excellent and you

don’t would like far more than U.S. as

mentioned i’d forever advocate mistreatment

a stand once obtaining your time-lapse

but you’ll conjointly use a gimbal just like the

oz variety by 3 to induce a fair a lot of

epic time-lapse like this one wherever it

swings slowly from left to right and

captures all this attention-grabbing motions

depending on your scene and the way a lot of you

also need to capture in your time-lapse

you can toggle through the lenses to induce

the best shot this can be such a fun mode to

try in such a big amount of totally different situations and

again you’ll return and edit your

time-lapse if you would like right the

iPhone while not having to use a secondary

application you’ll conjointly crop it and add

filters if you would like

then the night mode is shockingly sensible

guys sadly you cannot toggle it

on it’s going to simply mechanically seem once

it detects the scene is simply too dark however

you’ll grasp that it’s on once you see

that icon and if you click thereon you’ll

change the quantity of your time that it uses

to take the image by adjusting the

timing settings you’re really telling

the camera what quantity lighter you needed

to capture thus by toggling on the most

amount of seconds you’re telling it to

get far more lighting in your shot thus

you can get the simplest image here ar

some examples that I took with night

mode and like I aforementioned it’s unbelievable

because all of those photos were taken

at night with loads of Darkness around

and once more if you’ll use a stand in

this mode for the simplest results then

after all your epic photos are

taken iPhone will have an incredible set of

features to use to edit your photos

and why it is so superb is sometimes on

other devices I even have to transfer AN app

like Lightroom to induce the foremost quantity of

editing options thus I will very tweak

my photos however with AN iPhone it’s all

already there from saturation to

brightness vignetting cropping and

geometry you name it the iPhone . it’s the tip

written by kunal verma


How to take photos from Sony Alpha 7 to camera?

HI i am kunalverma I’m gonna show you guys how I shoot photos of myself but one of the reasons that I bought my first camera was because I wanted to get better photos of myself to post on social media you quickly realized that when you’re the one with the camera you actually end up taking photos of other people way more than you end up getting good photos of yourself so along the way I figured out a way that works for me to take more photos of me hopefully this way is helpful for you but there are a couple other ways that I’ll try to explain as I go the way that I’ve found easiest to take photos of myself will work with most modern cameras and that’s to connect your camera to an app in your cell phone like I said as long as you’ve got a fairly modern camera most of these companies are now making some kind of an app that will connect to your camera and allow you to monitor what you’re seeing and take the photo from your phone that being said most of the apps that I’ve used to try and do this are not exactly user-friendly there might be a little bit of fighting to get it connected you might lose some functionality that you normally have when you’re taking photos it’s all a bit of a game of give and take here’s what we’re gonna be shooting on today now first things first we’re gonna need a tripod and that should be pretty obvious because if you’re not holding the camera who is in this specific case I’m using my older tripod because I’m currently using my new one to film this obviously we’re gonna need the camera I’ve got the a7 three here I guess I can take this off because I am no longer vlogging with it I’ve switched over to the a 6400 for video so we’ve got the a7 3 and we’re gonna be trying out the ville trucks 85 millimeter F 1 point 8 I have tried this on my a 6500 but I haven’t tried it since I bought a full-frame camera slap this guy on the tripod and we’re ready to go so first and fore most I like to just set up my shot and make sure that I like it obviously there’s some people walking through it right now but that’s okay it’s feeling pretty good maybe we could move to the left and get this centered up a little better though that’s better so this is going to be a little bit different on every camera and the first way like I said is to connect to the phone so in the Sony cameras we’re gonna go into the menu I’m gonna go up to the top go over to the little world thing and go control with smart phone turn that on and hit connection now because I had previously been connected to this phone it automatically connected again but there will be some kind of a Wi-Fi password or QR code that you can scan or you can use the NFC I believe it’s called and scan that there will be a bunch of different ways that you can connect like I said in this case because I was previously connected it knew to reconnect so as you can see here I’ve got mirroring displays interesting how different the color is in each of them so now that I’m connected I’m gonna keep an eye on my phone and I’m gonna go st and in front so the first round is generally just me checking to make sure that once it gets focused on me that I s till like the composition and everything in this case I do think it’s looking pretty good I like that you can still see a little bit of the bridge although may be F 1.8 is a little too blurry in the background let’s try f28 and then I’m gonna have to crank up my ISO a little bit get my exposure proper let’s go hang out back in front again there’s the f18 shot and the f28 shot and generally I’m pretty happy with how that’s looking so now it would just be a matter of going out in front of the camera trying a bunch of different poses holding a camera or something to give it more interest in the shot this isn’t a particularly interesting shot inherently but I think it’s looking pretty decent and of course because we’re all on Instagram nowadays let’s flip that sideways and do a couple more one other thing to note is that I personally like to shoot portraits at at least 1/100 of a second if not 1 125 or more the reason for that is because all of the little tiny movements that your model is making are going to affect how sharp your shot is so if you’re looking to get sharper portraits make sure you’re shooting at a fast enough shutter speed I am losing my light real fast but before I get on to telling you an alternate way that you can also take photos of yourself I want to talk about today’s sponsor so you’ve taken a bunch of photos of yourself maybe you’ve made some presets you want to put them up on your website but you don’t know how to build a website you need to make a logo you got to do all sorts of stuff to get this stuff out there on the internet and you might not know how to do that this is where Fiverr comes in Fiverr empowers the creative community by connecting you with freelancers who can take care of some of those things that you might not want to or know how to do Fiverr has that talent on the website and they can connect you instantly literally you can go on there and find so much and all you have to do is click a button and you’ll have an order made there are different options for all sorts of budgets and all sorts of projects so use that link in the description to go check out my custom curated Fiverr store see some of the people that I recommend some of the people that I’ve worked with in the past and if you’d like to see something else on my store make sure to hit me up thank you to Fiverr for sponsoring this video now back to being vain and taking photos of our selves oh man it’s starting to get dark let’s crank this up I tried to catch Golden Hour but it just went from like bright to dark so personally I think connecting to the app even though it has its disadvantages and it can be a little bit glitchy at times is probably the easiest way for me to take photos of myself but there is an alternative that I also recommend and that’s by using an interval timer now again this might be something that’s built into your camera the newer Sony cameras all have interval timers the old ones had the PlayMemories app where you could get an interval timer but you can also buy one to plug into your camera I will leave a link in the description and you can go find one from there so let me see if I can show you how to make that happen now again this might be different on your camera but I’ll show you it’s in the first menu on the fourth page we’re gonna go to interval shooting function I’m gonna go to interval shooting turn it on we’re gonna take one every let’s say yeah three seconds should be okay we’re gonna wait for 10 seconds to get in place the number of shots we’re gonna take is 10 now one of the catches with interval shooting is that depending on what your camera is it’s going to be different as far as how the autofocus works in this case I’ve never had good luck getting the interval shooter to autofocus in between shots so what I’m gonna have to do this time is actually set a manual focus point and just try and stick with it now especially at F 1.8 this is going to be a little difficult but what I’m gonna do is go set my backpack out where I’m gonna stand and then focus on that I’m gonna say a little prayer and go stand where I was these are super moody mostly because it’s starting to get so dark out here that you get the best photo written by kunal verma 500EXPOSURE.COM

the best camera for wildlife photography Sony Alpha 6600?

Hi  am kunal verma and i  am hear to tell you about  the body of alpha  6600 was a revolutionary   camera when it arrived three years ago tucked

inside that compact body with features market can touch it his success or the a 6600

few aps-c mirrorless cameras within body

stabilization and it now has auto focus tracking and other promising features however it still has the same old sensor as the last model to find out if he can break new ground like the a 6500 and leap ahead of the XP 3 let’s take it for

first time let’s look at the body I’m happy that Sony has increased the grip size it’s not only easier to grab it holds a much bigger Z battery that delivers 810 shots on a charge beating the xt3 and even the a7 3 the button and dial AO i hasn’t changed so there’s still no front dial or joystick and that’s inexcusable on a camera that’s expensive overall the ergonomics including the cameras awful menu system are subpar compared to the competition it still has a 5 axis in-body stabilization system that smooths out

video and lets you low-light it’s not quite as good as the a7 3 stabilizer but it’s very effective considering the smaller size its main rival the Fujifilm xt 3 doesn’t have that feature you’d think that on its aps-c flagship sony would have used a new sensor instead i was disappointed to see that hit it’s stuck with the same 24 point two megapixel chip on the last model it has terrible rolling shutter so it’s not good for action shooting an electronic shutter mode weirdly Sony makes the sensor used on the xt tree which doesn’t have that problem sadly there’s just a single memory card slot and worse it’s SD UHS one that’s another huge fault with this camera compared to the XT 3 and it’s gonna slow you down for action shooting the 2.3 6 million

dot OLED electronic viewfinder is the same as before and is yet again outclassed by the high res EVF on the XT 3 as for the rear display it now tilts up so you can use it for vlogging I prefer it to the tilt down screen on Nikon G 50 but you’ll need the optional $99 remote tripod to attach an external microphone the a 6600 only has a micro USB and no USB C port but at least it now has a headphone jack that the tilting screen would make it an ideal of vlogging camera except for a major problem that we’ll get to shortly

the shooting and autofocus performance is where this camera excels you can hit speeds up to 11 frames per second with the mechanical shutter which is fast but a bit slower than canons m6 mark 2 the xt3 meanwhile can hit 20 frames per second in electronic shutter mode however the a66 hundreds auto focus tracking in continuous mode is more accurate than those models it now has four hundred and twenty five phase and contrast to tech AF points plus a eye tracking powered by the bonds X image processor if you use the tracking either with or without face and eye detection Sony’s system is untouchable it stays locked on your subject with no lag delivering sharp shots in nearly any

situation because the ACC 600 uses slow uhs-1 cards though it takes ages for the buffer to clear and it doesn’t have a blackout free EVF like the xt 3 which can make it hard to follow action overall in shooting both animals and humans in the action and slower settings I rarely ended up with an O to focus shop particularly in the subjects eyes that’s all we can really ask for isn’t it well the sensor is unchanged a new processor helps it deliver sharper and more natural images whether shooting action street shots landscapes or night scenes it delivered rich colors natural skin tones and crisp details the a 6600 is the best low-light aps-c camera with

usable shots up to ISO 12800 and beyond when shooting 14 bit RAW files in low-light you’ll be able to find detail in highlights and shadows that aren’t there on other cameras all that said the XT 3 has more resolution and delivers sharper shots sony has a mature lineup

of email lenses including the latest 16 to 55 millimeter F 2.8 model I use to take the majority of these photos Canon and Nikon can’t match it only Fujifilm

measures up in the aps-c Department plus if you have a full-frame Sony a7 camera or lenses they’re fully compatible the biggest issue with the camera is bad rolling shutter because of that you can’t really use the electronic shutter for action unless you want terrible skew the a 6600 is acceptable for video but nothing more quality is good with crisp at full sensor detail and accurate colors however you don’t have as many options during the because of the low bit rates and lack of 10-bit output it’s a decent vlogging and general video camera thanks to the flip up screen and headphone output auto focus is also a strong point especially in face detection mode though it’s not quite as reliable as canons dual pixel system however you really have to be careful of the rolling shutter which can create a lot of jello effect Fuji films xt3 is better in that regard and canons and 62 can they’ll focus more often if you are looking for a mirrorless

camera three years ago the a 6500 was the best option hands down now I’m not so sure there’s no question that this camera can nail auto focus in just about any situation and give you natural colors and sharp detail that’s where it really excels however the sensor is showing its age and can’t keep up to  xt3 in terms of image quality and rolling shutter I also wish it had two faster card slots and more advanced 4k options if you’re looking to spend $1400 I’d get the XT 3 instead as it’s a better all-around camera if it’s resolution you need take a look at canons m6 mark 2 which is cheaper and can also shoot faster unfortunately the sony 866 hundred doesn’t live up to the standards set by

its predecessor and the incredible

full-frame a 6600 thank you for like this blog post


written by kunal verma



TO start street photography many of us using mobile camera now days and their lens and and camera are pritty good but to make you an advance level you have to start from dslr . I want to answer a question

that I’ve been asked many times and that

is where do you even start in street

photography like I want to do it now

but where do I start what do I do to

just get going

before begin let’s quickly identify what

street photography is overall and now

everyone’s got their own opinions but

just as a general overall what the

street photography actually mean to

avoid any confusion going forwards to me

simply means taking photos in an urban

environment of everything included

within that environment at a specific

moment in time therefore almost

documenting what that urban environment

looks like now in terms of styles there

are many different styles of street

photography ranging from really sort of

gritty black-and-white documentary type

stuff all the way to really clean you

know polished fine art type photography .

And in terms finding which style is

right for you to be honest that just

takes time and effort and you just need

to keep doing it and keep repeating keep

fine-tuning until you figure out what

works for you and just run with that and

the final most important point there are

some very opinionated people on the

internet who will tell you what street

photography is and why isn’t in their

opinion and if you don’t agree with them

they will bring you down they will tell

you you’re wrong just that they can

bring themselves up and make themselves

feel more important and like they know

what they’re talking about avoid those

people block them ignore them unfollow

them because you just don’t need that

especially when you’re starting out so

yeah just forget all of that and do what

you want to do

street photography is unpredictable but

you can literally go out right for 30

minutes and come home with five good

images also you can go out for five

hours and come back with nothing so

there’s really no sort of like direct

correlation with regards to time you put

in verses the results you get out

obviously the better you get the more

good results you will get but as an

overall yeah there’s no correlation to

put it further into perspective ask any

good photographer that you know online

whoever in street photography and

landscape photography anything where the

elements are out of your control and

they will tell you 12 good images a year

by good I mean images that you can put

in a gallery or you can print 12 of

those a year is a very very good result

and finally you re frame your mind and

your attitude towards street photography

or any photography in general so rather

than going out and putting the pressure

on yourself saying okay I need to come

back with these many photos just go out

for a nice walk okay and if you come

home some pictures it’s a bonus if you

don’t come home with any pictures well

guess what you’ve gone for a nice walk

you’ve done some exercise and you can

have a pizza or something now to

celebrate now let’s talk about some

boring stuff I’m not a lawyer this is

not legal advice this is just my opinion

for my research I’ve done I did do a

whole video about this separately. so off

link to below basically in the UK if

you’re on public land you can take

pictures of whatever you want if you’re

in private land in theory you need a

permit but to be able to view many

places in London they are private even

though they’re clearly like you’d think

a public like Canary Wharf in the lot

tourists go there so you can take photos

there in many cases you will be fine

just be ready to get hassled by security

if you turn up with a massive camera and

a gimbal and all that sort of stuff also

what you want to do with those photos

has a huge impact on what type of like a

permit you might need so for example if

you’re just putting on Instagram or in a

gallery or for artistic purposes you

don’t need anything really however if

you want to say

s treet photography even if it’s on

public land and there’s people you can

recognize or private property that you

can recognize such as buildings you

might need various model releases to be

able to use it commercially and that’s a

whole separate thing which I’m not going

to get into this video but it’s just

something to keep in mind now as for the

ethical side of stuff to be honest view

that really depends on your own sort of

morals and opinions now I personally do

is I don’t take any photos of people are

in vulnerable positions such as homeless

or disabled things like that also if I

have kids in my photos I make sure that

they’re hidden as in they’re hyper

selected or you can’t see their face

clearly and generally speaking I don’t

want anyone in my photo to look bad so

if I show my photo to someone they look

at my god that’s disgusting I kind of

failed now I know all of this content

really off-putting but honestly just

don’t overthink about it as long as you

don’t go into someone’s private property

start taking photos and then if they get

funny about it you get funny about it

you should be fine anyway in india within reason is not a problem and the

only time people really bother you is if

you’re like pointing your camera at you

know CCTV cameras in the big building or

the doors or anything like that

so as long as you use common sense you

wouldn’t have any problems so what about

if you get stopped you’re walking around

taking pictures it feels great and then

someone you took picture of or security

come up to you and be like what are you

doing what you do then and to be honest

with you this is one of the biggest

things that sort of prohibits people

from really diving into the genre

because they are not scared for their

like apprehensive about getting stopped

and to be honest with you. I completely

understand it because it can be quite

intimidating because yeah usually when

people stop you they are questioning you

as if you’re doing something wrong so

yeah I can definitely see how this

yeah how this can seem very intimidating

to start with so to put things into a

bit of perspective I’ve been doing the

street photography for quite a few years

okay and I’ve been going into rajasthan india at

least once a week and taking photos for

hours at a time and in all of that time

like tens or hundreds of thousands of

photos I’ve only been stopped three

times okay

and all those three times were by

security guards and not by just normal

members of the public

every time normal members of the public

did sort of look at me or cloth while I

was doing usually we’re just like a

s nice polite smile oh sorry I was in the

shot or hope it was a good shot so what

do you do if you do get stopped by a

normal member of the public if you’ve

taken that photo well generally speaking

just be really open be really honest

with them about what you’re doing you’re

a street photographer this is your hobby

you’re taking pictures of the city you

show them the picture you’ve taken of

them show them your work say your

Instagram quickly just to show them that

you know like some weirdo and in 99.9%

of cases they will be happy because

they’re like okay can using it for fun

and then I’ll go a step further and say

some what’s your email address that will

show into the user name I’ll send you

this photo once I’ve done with it and

then most people are coming to anyone in

their right mind you’ll be looking I

don’t want now and she get stopped by

security just be completely open and

honest with him say those are taking

pictures as a hobby I’m a street

photographer to take pictures around

india and that’s it and honestly 99.9%

of cases they will not bother you

anymore they might ask you look don’t

take pictures of the doors over there

don’t have pictures of the cameras over

there which is fair enough you know we

live in weird times

but yes seriously you have nothing to

worry about okay as long as your motives

are good okay as long as you’re not

trying to do something weird you haven’t

got anything to worry about

so this helicopters gained quite loud so

I’m probably gonna bugger off but

basically for this bit don’t let the

fear of someone stopping you stop you

from going out and taking pictures.

because in 99.9% of cases your

interactions will be positive and

chances are you will probably never even

get stopped

please remember there’s no such thing as

a bad light it’s just different light

which look different and create a

different result

obviously soft golden light that you

will get at sunrise or sunset will give

the most pleasing result overall however

don’t dismiss mid day harsh life because

if you expose all the harsh light you

can get some really nice abstract photos

with loads of deep black shadows and

really soft nice and bright highlights

in the same way don’t dismiss boring

cloudy days because you can use boring

cloudy days to create really soft moody

black-and-white photos as well as

any thing with skin tones so portraits

anything skin tone related will look

much better on a cloudy day because the

cloud is effectively a child softbox so

the takeaway here is go ahead and

there’s many different conditions as

possible find what you like the most and

then just focus on that but also don’t

forget to practice in urban lighting

conditions so that you can take photos

regardless of the lighting conditions

I’ve said no weather if you don’t


subjects are a very personal thing and

can range from anything like an old

newspaper on a table all the way to a

cityscape everyone has their own

preferences for subjects and over time

you will as well now even though it’s

not for me to tell you what’s a good or

a bad subject what I can do is share my

approach and then you can make your own

conclusions as to why I’ve picked this

approach so I will photograph everything

that you would find in the city taxis

buses people buildings streets

newspapers literally everything and the

reason for that is quite simple I want

to document the city as a whole and not

just focus on one or two specific things

about that city so this is your first

time and you’re just starting out I

would actually recommend this approach

okay photograph everything okay if you

see something you think I want to take a

picture of it take a picture of it over

time what you’ll find is there’ll be

certain things that you gravitate to the

most so let’s say Street portraits you

might really enjoy doing and then maybe

focus just on that and honestly there is

something to be said for getting very

good at one specific type of street

photography rather than being like meat

of you know a bit of everything

as for compositions that’s an entire

topic in itself however for this video

let me just quickly give you three

things you can start using right away

the first one is the rule of thirds I’m

sure you’ve heard of it before basically

you take the frame split it into like

nine squares or rectangles and basically

whatever they crisscross which is in

third of the frame that’s when you want

to have your subject or a point of

interest the second thing is leaving

lines and leaving lines basically means

that whatever your subject is there is

something in the frame that would lead

the viewers attention to your subject so

for example in this frame that we’ve got

here that building is of slightly

pointing towards me leading sort of the

viewer towards me

finally is framing and framing is where

you take your subject and then you put

them within something else to capreit

therefore no driving your viewers

attention to that subject again if you

take this as an example I’ve got the

building there I’ve got a building there

that friends me because behind my head

is just kite


the following two techniques are very

basic but they’re fantastic for starting

out and even at any level they work so

the first one is called phishing and as

name suggests you basically find the

composition in a particular location

where the light is good everything sort

of works and then you just wait for the

right subject to come into the frame

roughly where you want to be then fire

off a burst of images and then hopefully

there’s one there that you like this is

a very tried and tested method one thing

I’d say though is don’t hang around the

same area too long it looks a bit weird

and it’s a bit of a waste of time my

limit is about five to ten minutes

I mean if it’s really good I might stay

longer but if nothing has come through

I’ll use this my phone take a picture of

it now I’ve got the date at the time the

GPS coordinates and what it looks like

so that I could come back in the future

and see if I can get this photo again

the second technique involves having the

camera at just below chest level with

the screen filtered up so you can see

what’s happening then walking around the

scene looking down at the screen and

framing and taking photos the reason

this is such a good beginners method is

because it’s very easy to just blend in

like that because you just end up

looking at the tourists like you’re

taking a video no one really plays

attention people generally start paying

more attention when the camera is at eye

level so if you’re looking through the

viewfinder and obviously if you’re just

starting out that can be a bit

intimidating so if you use this method

like for the first few months until you

get really comfortable you’ll be off to

a very good start and finally let’s talk

about gear which is arguably everyone’s

favorite topic however for street

photography it’s actually the least

important thing unlike things like

I like things that wildlife photography

where you need a massive lens that’s

worth more than your house for street

photography you don’t really need that I

mean it’s a matter of fact you can get

away with using your phone obviously I

wouldn’t recommend it because

economically phones are not that

comfortable but basically you don’t need

a really fancy expensive camera and

there’s a matter of fact if you rock up

without an hour 1dx massive lens on

usually let stick out like a sore thumb

whereas you have like a really compact

camera some like when those repo

point-and-shoot cameras you’ll just

completely blend in so regarding lenses

you got two options you go zooms and

you’ve got Prime’s

now there are some people out there that

are very vocal about what is a street

photography lens my two cents and this

is this so first of all both are equally

as good as each other they just serve

different purposes the zoom lens will be

much better when you physically can’t

move yourself so let’s say if you’re in

the back of a taxi driving around the

city a zoom would be much better because

you physically can’t move as if you’re

walking around the city then the prime

is way better because you stay

incsonspicuous because it’s smaller and

lighter so it’s easier for you to carry

but also it forces you to move around

and by moving around you start looking

at different compositions and finding

different ways to compose the images

which will ultimately make you a better


writer , kunal verma
from 500