why mobile is not giving better quality then DSLR ?


Actually mobile and many point and shoot cameras have no mechanical shutter at all.
The shutter speed is the speed at which sensor samples the charge collected on the pixel.So this shutter speed is actually electronic equivalent of shutter on a DSLR.
So now question is that sensor is an electronic charge collection device which can be turned on/off s0 why exactly an ancient mechanical shutter is still required on DSLR?

Actually in mobile and point and shoot , Some portion on the sensor surface goes for circuit to control the charge so a portion of each pixel is not light sensitive so overall the sensitivity of sensor and quality of picture goes down.

On a DSLR we have a pair of mechanical shutters which moves from top to bottom like a slit and sampling is done for line while it is covered. This means whole pixel can be light sensitive and thus DSLR gives better results.
higher dynamic range and low noise at high ISO value is possible due to this.

Mirrorless camera’s photos and Non-Mirrorless photos are no different, it’s just the technology that drives the camera is different not the camera itself, it’s just like replacing BS4 engine with BS6, it just offers better efficiency. ‘Mirrorless’ The name itself says it all…. The camera just cuts lose the Mirror part in the Camera and uses electric shutter to snap photos. The photos produced buy 5D mark IV and EOS R are the same with just the mirror gone missing, with the absence of mirror, the weight if the camera falls enabling easy grip, the AF points increase drastically (there is difference of about 5500 AF points) this allows super easy and super quick focus, has a higher fps rate, a faster sync rate, a little bit better processor (that doesn’t matter much and just some other normal hypes that get along when something new is launched. So let’s get this straight from here, Mirrorless also belongs to the DSLR segment and it is no different from each other in terms of picture quality.

And now jumping into DSLR vs Phone camera it’s like comparing TATA nano to a Jaguar F-pace just because the parent company is the same. A phone camera can never replace a DSLR camera…. Why?? This is why,

this is the camera setup of a phone in which somewhere just below the blue circle is a small sensor that captures light makes photos. And here is the Actual DSLR camera,

And here’s its sensor,

You might be wondering what is the great deal about bigger sensor size, but sensor is the soul of a camera, bigger sensor and better optics make much better photos. And about the optics of a phone camera there’s nothing much to say because phone lens are made of cheap and small synthetic glass pieces that allows the camera to see the world, but here’s the lens of a camera,

And if we’re about to compare its quality even after this, I’ll put it in really simple comparison,

Here’s the photo i shot on iPhone 7 HDR mode,

And here’s a photo i shot on my Canon700D a pretty basic but yet a decent camera,

(This is a screenshot of the photo – because Quora wasn’t able to upload large files without compressing)

  • I tried my best to match the focal length of the iPhone

At first both seems okay,

But, BUT,

you’ll notice that there is a difference in details, the details captured by both devices drift drastically from what you call as picture quality. Here’s the maximums zoom ability of each photo on an iPhone and see it for yourself the difference in image quality and sharpness,


Both are screenshots and you can’t zoom them any further here,

So in the canon the image can still retain some details but one the phone snap the image is already breaking down,

having to crop the image to the same size brings out the real story ,

You could see the image after cropping already seems small in dimensions compared to the DSLR

iPhone 7


The pic from phone becomes merely awful painting, whereas the DSLR pic still retains some details.

That’s what a general consumer can see in an image when it gets technical You’ll understand a phone picture is just like having a TATA nano to move and not a Jaguar to race!!

So if you want to Race with TATA Nano find a similar car to race with like a Chevy beat or if you’re strong enough maybe a honda fit.

Comparing images of phone to a DSLR is simply not fare!!


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